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My new DT build

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howdy folks, I just picked up a really old set of armor, its yellowed, cracked, broken, missing the thermal det, only one hand plate, missing the drop boxes, the helmet is missing  a couple things so this is perfect armor for this build, my buddy was going to toss it if I didnt ask for it, the thighs are too small but I will make it work. I will start posting pics soon, the best part it was free!

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putting it all together, I noticed the chest needs more green compared to the rest, I am not completely done yet, the abplate needs a little more work and I have to pick up the prop boxes yet and work on them, then it is down to putting it all together, and I want to pick up a zombie mask, for the face plus the holes need it behind





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this was a trial run for the Zombiewalk... due to being too cold, wet and windy I decided to just stay for the first couple hours before the walk and then went home, I had the following problems that I will solve or have already solved:


1: left shoulder bell came right off, had to duck tape it back on for the time being

2: straps holding up the abplate and back plate slid down limiting arm mobility, I have made joining straps front and back to hold them up.

3: due to the straps I had a hard time taking off the armor and both bridges across the shoulders that are attached to the chest and back pieces broke in two, I have duck taped them but I will most likely glue in PVC strips under 

4: due to not having found good enough boots, I used an old pair of white runners, painted to match

5: I am not happy with the open section on the front of the helmet, I will be making this bigger in the coming months.


I was happy with the reactions I got, everyone wanted photos... 




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