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  1. one way to fix the sniper plate sliding into the thigh, was very simple... there was too much space in the bottom of the thighs and this was the problem. I simply used a set of dollarstore black rubber knee pads, cut off the curved top and glued one into each of the back of the bottom of thighs, completely fixed the problem. my thighs were initially strapped to my lower armor but I changed it to a belt system and this took trial and error, I used a 2 inch wide webbing for both the straps and the belt. at first I used one snap each and this just did not cut, so I switched to three snaps and it worked just fine, no more tugging down... I just had to play around with where the velcro'd straps sat in the thighs, the belt I initially connected it with two snaps but when I lost weight I had a problem so I was able to find the snap in connectors from an old suite case that fits and I was good to go. for my lower armor I use two stretch straps but I found my armor was slightly falling down, so I tried crossing them instead of straight up and it worked like a charm. I have very little padding in my 'old' helmet, just enough to stop the bobble head effect, two strips, one vertical and one horizontal. my old PC fans trimmed my mustache and cut my lip so I exchanged them for squirrel fans, I cut off the mounting brackets on each so they sit better up against the well of the aerators, the battery packs sit well in the tube areas of the helmet. I also had a problem with the left side of the lens area mashing into my eye, so I thought about it and I remembered someone saying to be careful with hot glue, it will warp the plastic, so I used a hot glue gun under the lens where it was causing me problems, poured in hot glue and let it harden, then pealed it out, had to do that three more times until it was warped out enough not to rub against me and you can hardly tell from looking at my helmet. I tried using an audio system in my bucket but, again no room and the squawking.... you can hear me pretty good without so I sold it off.... my new helmet is a bit bigger so I will look at more padding. but the set up will be the same, the only thing is the area I had problems with in the last one is for some strange reason is already warped out, so no need to do anything. I have to get on fixing it up soon, since I will be converting old one into a TD gloves, I use a pair of leather gloves I had lying around and I am ok with them. shoulder bells, I had problems with the stretch straps here, one warped really long and it made things hard, so I actually tried something... I had two pieces of leather lying around with a snap already in them, so I added another snap, cut to size and put them in, and they really hold well, no popping off, no pulling down, I am really happy with it.
  2. ok well my death trooper was declined, I went too far off the CRL and unless I strip off all the moss and repaint it all to closer to the CRL color scheme that will be the end of the road for it. it will remain unapproved until I choose to fix it, I knew that would happen and now I regret even trying for approval. I can understand but it is very disheartening when I see other DT's not conforming to the CRL exactly and they get approved. I do not have it in me to ever try to repaint it right now but later down the line maybe... maybe by the time I get around to it I might live in a different area under a different garrison...
  3. I built my TK with some help and instruction but mostly it was just me and I am proud of it, my DT and TD were both built for someone else and took a lot of work to get them to fit me, but I chose that option becuase of the free price tag and they were made back in 99 and were collecting dust in a bin since the mid 00's, I would recommend doing the work for yourself and as everyone has already stated "I made this" feels great and also you are the one who will be wearing it, you know your body... after doing the research in this site, take the pieces up against the screen shots and tutorials and then look how they go on your body even before you cut or trim anything, I wish I would have before doing the work, my armor might have fit better initially... I could hardly walk my first troop in it. now I can power walk, (I mean I was matching speed with one of our Vader's and actually accidentally stepped on his cape, he was fine though) go up and down stairs (slowly and I do not like doing so, going down is easier then up).
  4. I think there was a bit of misunderstanding some where, Death Trooper has a completed CRL now so GML's can approve it, some EU chacters do not have a completed CRL
  5. ok so, my GMO said he cannot approve it since it is EU it has to go to the LMO, so I submitted it to him, he got back to me that it is not up to him, it goes to my GMO, so I have now sent it to my GMO and I forwarded the whole email, so he can see it.
  6. alright I submitted it, so we will see... I am a pessimist so I am not seeing it approved but let's hope...
  7. we should not be labeled as TK - Deathtrooper, we need to be DT - Deathtrooper and have our own picture gallery
  8. well first off, I did not mean to derail this thread, David is my friend and even though we are from different garrisons, we are close enough that we have trooped together several times and have become good friends and my response was nothing more then that, not a pity plea or anything, I would never sell it, but saying 'getting rid' of it was a knee jerk reaction while in a depressed state, if you want to know more send me a friend request on facebook if you are not my friend already, so lets get back to David's build.... I am glad you got it approved, I was really worried mine would not get approved due to it not being strictly by the CRL but seeing yours approved and not exactly by the CRL, there is hope....
  9. sorry Guys, just a lot going on in my head right now.... I am not reacting like my old self.... need vacation badly....
  10. at this point I am extremely discouraged from ever wearing my DT again or getting it approved for that matter. I was stoked to get it done but with the limited use of it and the general frowning on it, I am just not happy anymore and am thinking of getting rid of it and using the boots for my TD
  11. my Buddy's little boy loved my Deathtrooper and later when I was getting into my Stormtrooper, Joseph who is around 6 or so, said he liked my DT better, my TK was too plain and clean...
  12. thanks Guys, I have a couple fixes I need to do on it, that became apparent at FanExpo. I have also decided I am not going for approval, I will not be submitting it. Not armor to wear much at all, I mainly made it because I could, and it cost me well under $50 since the armor was a gift. Too cold for Zombiewalks, to fragile for Halloween and only wearable at select Conventions and in my area it is only FanExpo once a year. I had a great time in the armor, but I now have had my fun and will be retiring it
  13. good work pal, I like how every single one of us DT's are completely different unlike our TK's that are all the same. We really do have a chance to make it our own.
  14. too bad you couldn't have had this for FanExpo, then there would have been three of us.... oh well maybe next year
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