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How To: Get flat pieces of plastic for builds if you can't purhase

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First grab a piece of pvc pipe (thick walled), cut it to the right length of the parts you need and then cut a slot down one side




Next heat the pipe for a few minutes, you know when it is heated enough as you can see the pipe distort.




Open out, don't use fingers to do this as it is hot




Then flatten between two pieces of wood and hold down until it's cooled




The you have your flat plastic, draw your piece to shape, mine is for side grip cover plates for my DLT-19




Here they are




Hope this is a help to some of you

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I just might have to repurpose some of the PVC scrap laying around in my garage. Thanks for the tip.


You are welcome


Just thought I would add that I do scuff the pvc before glueing, so it gives the glue something to bite on to

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