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REQUEST FOR: Lens installation

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Hi guys,


I have an AP kit and want to install the lenses in my helmet. I've seen this video: http://trooperbay.com/videos-2-2-2/ which I thought I'd follow. When I look at my lens material though it's different. It's too short to stretch from one set of screws to another. It also has sticky material on the ends of the film so I"m guessing I'm suppossed to basically treat it like a sticker and just lay it in there.


Both methods leave me a bit confused about how to really get the lens to lie flat against the eye holes. I've also seen people who've cut out eye shaped lenses and then glue them in. Any advice?



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I used two small blocks of plastic, drilled a small whole in them, glued one either side of the holes, fixed one screw and washer to the lens (cut the lens a little larger than needed) then used a little force so the lens formed flat over the eye holes, then placed the other screw and washer. Hope it made sense, worked well for me :smiley-sw013:

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Live with the acetate for as long as you can bear it, then consider the following upgrade.


If you don't want people to see your eyes.

If you want clearer vision

If you wish to mount to the side screws

If you wish to leave a gap at the bottom of your lenses for ventilation.


Then upgrade to welding visor material.



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