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Fans in your Bucket


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I just ordered fans for my bucket, however, my ATA Works bucket doesn't leave alot of room fans and a battery pack. I love my ATA armor, just sayin', it's tight. Also consider taking off any stickers on battery packs. If you put the pack on top of your head, you may be able to velcro padding inbetween your head and the battery pack. if you don't remove any stickers, the velcro may pull itself off the batterypack when you try and remove padding. Another comment on batterypacks - be careful, the one I just got only took 5 minutes of playing with it before tabs that keeo it together, BROKE. Cheap plastic. Now a piece of Gorilla tape to keep the cover of it closed. All of this may make more sense if you have your fans and batterypack in hand and ready to be installed.

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Post or send me pics of what you mean, Steve. It probably depends a lot on what kind of battery holders and fan you're using. I use two AA rounded holders which fit super perfectly into the tube trim of my lid in back, wiring up to the fan in front. I tried those rectangular ones with the closure and switch and like yours, mine broke before install. You'd never know the rounded ones were there. (The fan's a bit trickier, but I fit it quite well into my cheek behind the mic tip.)


I don't have ATA, I have AP, so maybe there's a bit of a difference, but you do still have tube trim and I would hope there's space in there somewhere! :D


Also I probably have spare parts if you need 'em.

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I use 2x9volt holders at and a double aa holder in my ata lid, I also use small computer cpu fans, very slender and fits in just to the side of hovi mics

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