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Possible future deathtrooper

Darth Voorhees

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So as you may be able to tell from my screen name, my other fave movie franchise is friday the 13th. I am in the process of building a Part 7 (the new blood) movie quality costume. Thats the one with the broken mask ripped up clothes and exposed ribbs and spine......and i started thinking....maybe i could use some of the latex parts for a death trooper aswell! A big chunk of armor missing on the chest and seeing exposed ribs n such would probably look crazy! I also have leg and hand/arm pieces. I think they could work really well doubling for a deathtrooper.


Geez i hate how mymind works...this would be so badd-az .i think i may just have to do it lol.

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i'd like to do this too.. someday. my version would be something like.. recent death trooper, armor scratches showing the inside of it, like circuit boards, cables and all that stuff lol

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