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Let's finalize this! Counter wires where do they attach?


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The tech on our hobby and the knowledge that we all have here on FISD has allowed us to build some of the greatest sets of armor anyone can hope for. A lot of troopers are shooting for as much accuracy as we can. This holds true for our weapons as well.

EVERY E-11 build that chooses to use the Hengstler and power cylindars connects them with the coiled wires that are attached to the top, front of the hengstler. ---------

The top pic from this breakdown shows the counter from a front view(although it is on its side). There is a triangle of circles at the top. Metal connection tabs at the bottom two of these circles are what are commonly used to connect the wires to in ALL the builds I have seen. Now my question: I have read entries several times that state that the wires on the film used blasters WERE NOT connected at the for-mentioned tabs but underneath. Basically saying,"your blaster is WRONG". I have also read that the wires were not black but red and green????????

There is a pic floating around that is a front view of a supposed screen used blaster focusing on the wires. It is a black and white, grainy image that, to me, clearly shows the wires attached at the bottom two of these above mentioned points although the pic was submitted to show them connected underneath. I have viewed dozens of screen grabs of the blasters and the only one that really shows the wires at all is the shot of the TKs behind Leia as Vader is grilling her. This shot MIGHT show this or not. Is this one grab the shot that sets this in stone??? This shot also shows the gaffer's tape and scratched armor that were synonymous with the rushed shooting schedule of ANH. Maybe the wires fell off and someone just stuck them on with electric tape to get through the shot? Other rushed shooting traits were: no tube stripes, frown with no screen, flapping calves, missing sniper plate, etc... It is also painfully obvious that MANY blasters in the film had neither counters OR power cylindars. So why can only a blaster WITH them make it to centurion? O.K. I am wandering. I am just saying that there are wonderful inconsistancies of film making that ANH was not immune to.

What will be the final decision on these wires and why??????

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It's blaster discrimination! :)

I personally think that all screen used replicated blasters should be considered centurion. I would go as far to say post a high def screen shot of the trooper you are replicating along with their blaster along with a pic of self and blaster.

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it will really be nice when we have the blu ray. perhaps that will clear up the discussion.


I think that the fact that some hengstlers don't even have wires, and some blasters also don't have power cells.


there is a lot of variation on the props, and the large coils of shaver wires look really cool.


the photos usually shown of the wires on the top are really hard to see. there is a photo that comes from out of


a book on the weapons of star wars and it shows several views of an E-11.


the wires are really small.





a fairly clear photo from the leia confronts vader blaster.


see how the wires are connected to silver solder under the pins?

you can barely see that they are very thin and connect

to the rear of the power cells.

to me they look like they're drooping, and not coiled at all!


all these images are in the advanced costume section for the e-11

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Great job putting those shots together, Vern!!! The front view above was the pic I was referring to. This is CLEARLY of case of several people looking at the same thing but see something completely different. I don't see anything in these pictures that seals the case. It only brings up more questions. How come no one wants to nit pick for the case of where the top rail is mounted (to the main barrel or the center of the rear sight)? What is that little sleeve that is riveted around the main barrel at the hinge of the folding stock? I never saw that on any builds.

Unless blu-ray can show different, no one is gonna tell me that my set up is wrong when there is NO CONCLUSIVE proof that says otherwise.

I think that if someone puts all their passion, love, effort and money into their armor and it is accurate but has not the knowledge to scratch build or the money to buy a hengstler but the rest of his blaster is accurate it should be allowed! And that is because the evidence from the film is conclusive!!!! This guy would say, "my blaster is accurate because Han Solo's blaster had neither a counter OR power cylinders." It is in the film, pictures CLEARLY show it...case closed. I have scrutinized the above pictures, closely. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that these blurry, black and white images prove nothing. The screen grab of the TK behind Leia, looks to me like the wires ARE attached at the top of the counter, came detached at the cylinders and are folded underneath the counter.

So, bottom line, I will consider the wires my blaster accurate until someone can SHOW me otherwise.c0deHS4.jpg

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as you can see there are different variations of the mounting points on the photos shown from the advanced weapons section.

it's a judgement call really~~!!


all the photos shown are actual star wars props... so I figure that sells the concept pretty well.


if you look closely you'll see them connected in series with 5 loops per side.


have fun!

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