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SupaTrooper TK5065 LIVES


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Thanks for the positive feedback from you all.

It has been a life long dream to own and wear a stormtroopers costume over 10 years ago.

After many years of surfing the net, I joined the TAG forum in April 2009 and then came home to the

Redback Squad/Garrison where my enthusiasm jumped into hyperspace.

Like most of us we have commitments getting in the way of things we really enjoy doing.

But with the advise and help from fellow troopers here and on other forums was greatly appreciated.


I would like to thank my mentor Crypto for putting up with the numerous emails and phone calls and visitations.

In the final weeks SuperAzza and SeanTrooper & Kevin getting behind me and webbing into shape.

Thanks to all here, my fellow overseas mates from tips to trinkets.

Thanks for letting this little boys dream come true.


I'm looking forward to trooping with the boss and other members - maybe overseas!!

May The Force Be With You all.

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Well done Pez...and congrats mate

Looking forward to trooping with you soon...Love the pic you did with us and the boss looks great


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Looking good. There's a small reactor leak down in detention block 1138. A squad is heading down there now, please attach yourself to that group and help sort it out.


(in other words, well done :))

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