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  1. k, done almost everything. I'll post pics this weekend. I've gone over all the requirements and I'm pretty sure I can apply for EIB. only thing not complete is my holster, which has not been delivered yet. took 4 months, but really only 2-2.5 since I wasn't working on it at all in december and not much in nov. thanks to everyone who helped. mike harrison put together my bucket at charlie's armor party in november. scott helped me paint and some other little things. seth b showed me how to put together the pieces with the butt/strip method. also, I was making this: http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?showtopic=5991 http://picasaweb.google.com/tblatt/ZenixATA02#
  2. I think i'll hand paint the black and round it off myself by hand. for the frown, i think i might need to go back over it with white paint...
  3. i guess i used too much paint? it seems to have leaked under the tape or something... how should i repair? i was trying to take the safe way by taping, and i feel i could've done better painting by hand...
  4. Ok i really worked a bunch the last two weeks. I finished up the sandtrooper radio model, and will begin production on that in 2 weeks, and I really knocked out a lot on my armor. I have everything together and ready for painting except for the belt. I need another package of snaps but can't go get them because of this baltimore/east coast blizzard. I've painted some pieces, some pieces are fine, and some need to be redone. I used a couple cans of white paint, and one can of dover white paint by mistake. I've found a place indoors where i can continue painting, since the weather here wont be warm enough for a while. I'll take some pics tomorrow. still to do: get another package of snaps for sides of armor, and to hold up biceps/forarms buy canvas belt buy neck seal buy nomex gloves and attach handplates paint attach ammo pack to thigh, and sniper plate to shin. make garter for thighs detail helmet glue conversion kit/paint blaster its a lot to do, but i've come so far. i'd like to be finished by the end of the month. think i can do it?
  5. So I haven't gotten that far since I haven't put a lot of time into it. I had someone put together the helmet for me, and it looks great. It is assembled, and that's it. It needs painting, bondo, decals and all that. I assembled the fore arms, biceps and shins. the thighs are confusing for me. I want to make some significant progress in the next few weeks to really get this thing off the ground.
  6. I've been using devcon plastic welder. 4 minutes to make adjustments, SOLID at 15 minutes, full strength 100% at 24 hours. i'm buildinga hips ATA
  7. nah i didn't trim anything on the helmet. i dont know what clumping you're talking about.
  8. I'm not even thinking about the helmet yet, since i'm going to do that last. No matter what, should i be trimming the front butt joints to be the width indicated on the plastic that says the width of the strips?
  9. yea, everyone says measure twice, cut once... i'm just not sure what to measure. i can measure the width to know how much to trim to make the pieces match up and be 7/8" width or whatever each is supposed to be, but what about the other dimension.. inside to match my arm or leg
  10. My ongoing build photo album
  11. So, I have a spare room in my house that no one is renting right now, and i'm using it as my trooper room for the next few months... I got the ATA kit, and have a bunch of tools... My biggest issue is figuring out where exactly i should be trimming. Do i just follow the mold lines inside? what about to join up pieces... how much do i cut? I've read i should leave 1" for the strips, but i'm not sure. I'm currently learning Picasa 3.5 and making an album that will be posted shortly...
  12. iight, i'm gonna go buy some tools. dremel, curved scissors for cutting plastic, e6000 for when i'm ready to glue, some needle nose pliers, some more pliers with bent tips.... exacto knife, what else?
  13. i guess i'm just confused... yea i should start trimming... but to what? jsut to make it look like a picture? to fit me? how?
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