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  1. Nevermind. I got impatient with my dremel and started cutting down the ears and it worked quite well! I used the pics LeBlanc42 posted as a rough guidance and the result looks really good in my opinion. The only remaining problem is the stress at the parts over the tube when screwing down the ear piece. This problem was posted already as was the solution. But I have no heat gun so do you guys think that it is possible to achive it with a hairdryer? Or is it necessary at all?
  2. I used all my courage and did it - I started to thin the ears on my bucket. I love this forum I would never try this without the guidance of you all! The ear cups didn't come of that clean like in the pictures but it did work, without damaging anything. But know I still don't quite know how to cut the ears down. Could someone trace me a rough guidance line on a picture of the ear piece along which I have to cut? That would be great! Thank you all!
  3. I think I saw some kind of foam like the one you're looking for over here in Germany some time ago. I'm not quite sure if it has the right color shade but as soon as I can get my hands on a sample I'll sent you a picture of it.
  4. Sorry to hear that. I heard that your lenses for the MRCE are one of the best out there. I already sent you a PM maybe you have some lenses left that you want to get rid of and make another going-to-be trooper happy
  5. I'm rather new to this forum so hallo to you all. I'm planing on modding my MRCE (lenses, frown, brow, tube stripes, inside, and of course the ears. I read that you have to cut away about 5mm of the front part and 3mm of the back part but what is with the "arched"part that goes from the ears down over the tube? Do I have to cut it too in order to fit the now smaller ears to the helmet? Or just the round part of the ears? I've seen that Browncoat has used Sista Acryl Wand to fill the gaps, has anyone experience with that product? Thanks!
  6. As far as I know all ANH Stormtroopers have about 11-14 stripes in blue. The one in the photo above is the only one I know that has no stripes and I think they just forgot to paint them on the tube. www.starwarshelmets.com is a great reference site.
  7. That's encouraging that even guys with my build won't have problems with their armor!
  8. @Troopermaster: WOW, thats awesome! If already seen the pics of your armor parts laying on the ground even they looked superb! But that picture...WOW! Be honest, in fact this is the Lucasfilm Promo-picture. Or at least you have the original 1977 molds I think the guy wearing the armor could be of my build so yes it's skinny enough. Could you tell me his size and weight? PM sent @TK8280: You're right, I'm talking about Movie FX. I'm lucky enough that I never ordered anything from him. But I read enough about the problems with him being absolutely unreliable. I noticed that when I tried to email him and he answered ONE mail out of TEN I think! So that what makes me a bit cautious.
  9. Danke! I would like to here more details about his armor too. Does he had to trim a lot? And what is his actual size? I think I'll go for an TM suit. But I still got some questions. -Is it made from ABS -Is the helmet a 3-piece or a 2-piece design? -How dependable is TM? I'm just curious because the guy that produces armor over here is very unreliable - at least nearly everybody who ordered there told that. That's why I'm a bit cautious. ( I hope TM will not be upset by this!!!) I just want to get sure that my money is well spent. -Does he sell over ebay, too? Or is the forum the only way to contact him to order a suit? @Bigturc: I'm looking forward to see your finished suit!
  10. I edited my profile so that it could be seen that I come from Germany. It's really hard to get gut stuff over here, except from the UK. Try searching ebay.de for Stormtrooper - nearly nothing regarding costumes. I look how much the costums duty could be and discovered that it could add alot to the cost of an armor if I would buy it from the States. I think I will go for the TM or the SDS then. PM sent
  11. Thanks for your response! I've read those threads and my problem was that most of those guys are heavier than me. Most are 150+ lbs. Expect one guy who has nearly the same measurements and he wears an AP My biggest concern was not my height but my weight. I'm worried that the armor could be to big so there is too much space between the armor and my body. I know that those problems could be fixed with foam, but I think that it won't look good with too much foam under the armor. Why do you think that AP would be the best? I know that they should be quite accurate and are made of thick ABS. But are they smaller than the other armors? And what do you think about TrooperMaster armor for me? The advantage would be that I havn't to pay customs duty because he sells from the UK and I live in Germany. By the way, it would be nice if you could mail the contact informations for AP if they differ from those listed at http://www.tk409.com/update0405.html Thanks, Patrick
  12. Hi, I'm planning to buy me a stormtrooper armor and right now i'm trying to save my money for it. I searched the web for long to find the right one. but couldn't find an answer for my sizing problem. I'm 132,28 lbs (60kg) and 5foot 8inch (1,78m) - you see, very thin. Now I'm looking for an armor that matches 3 things: 1. as movie accurate as possible 2. the right one regarding my meassurement 3. and it should fit my wallet - so no sds can anybody give me a hint? thanks to you all!
  13. Welcome! I'm also new here since a few days.
  14. You're right, it's made from fiberglas. I already tried to bend it slightly but I'm afraid that it could break if I try to push it all the way to seal the gap. I think I can hide it with the brow - at least I hope so I will keep you up-to-date. Thanks! Your german is not that poor from what you wrote!!! Und mir geht es gut, und dir? Thanks to you all for that nice and friendly welcome!
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