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  1. Here is my old crummy Cushman DLT-19... Looks good close up too. I have pics at 3,000 pixels wide. They will only look as good as the skills used to assemble them. If a person can assemble a suit of TK armor, a person could make a Cushman look OK. Here is the mediocre MG-15... But, the scratchbuilt MG-15 versions, with the PVC pipes with hand carved pistol grips... and cans with corrugated styrene which take 20-30 hours to make... they are something to look at. The Cushman weapons can be made in a day, detailed the next day. AND, the do not break like resin, and they travel in luggage, and weigh 3 pounds. Two perspectives for you to review. Avoid resin... it is truly fragile. If you have the bucks, get the Sci-Fire. They look great. If you travel, get their E-11, since the DLT-19 and T-21 won't go into luggage. Good luck.
  2. Nice T-21. I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! It lives forever on the interwebs!!! Paul, call me when you have a few.
  3. Sweet Sweetness! I have one on its way. I have never built one... meaning a TK lid. John
  4. If you can glue an FX, you can spray paint an ATA suit of polystyrene in gloss white with some ease. If you can fit in both, I recommend ATA... every image I have seen of it looks sweet. Heatshock is right... "It is your choice" and it is good to have choices. As soon as I can fit into ATA... I am selling my FX. And as far ar the durability of HIPS verses ballistic-grade ABS... and since I have worn HIPS clone armor and ABS clone armor, it is in how you care for it. Frankly, I have been pretty tough on the HIPS components of my clone suit... but, it repairs well. If you plan on trooping 4 times a month, you may wear it out faster... just take care of it, and you will be fine. Crawling around on gravel, as a former clone armor liked to show photos of himself doing shows the strength and durability... but is it kinda dumb too, since, in the end... these are just really nice costumes. And not battle-wear. But if you foresee yourself fighting in it, go with FX. HAHAHA!!! Seriously, get the ATA! John
  5. I shall preface... I know gay people, one of my best friends was gay (he passed away 10 years ago), but on lighter note... as seen in the Episode of Seinfeld, where the topic of a guy being GAY comes up, Jerry would say "Not that there is anything wrong with that." but it was in regard to a homosexual guy... but the line is great, and I believe that Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer all said the line in that episode. Moving along... Heck, in case nobody knew, I am bi-sexual. See, I have two children... that means, that I have, you know, had to have done the act of _____ at least twice with my wife... Anyways, that guy, in the background is Super-Silver Gay Popeye from the Future! Plus, he has access ports to his no-no parts. BUT, 2nd place??? Not pleased. AN excellent TK suit, with all of that time and excellent accuracy... a shame. Actually, I won first place in a similar contest... and I was up against 19 other A-Grade costumers. I wore a Star Corps Clone suit in October 2005 – I believe I was the very first, or one of the very first 327th troops in my Garrison. This was before Master Replicas had even released their lids. I was wearing a Javamonkey V2, MG armor, and some UNK upgrades... and homemade a$s-cape and pauldron. I will have to dig up some pics. Well, that was back in the olden days... ye young nuggets! BUT, I am pretty much done with cloning, gave away Clone-Empire, and I am about to reveal my HWT very soon!!! I will try to win at this year's Party... and represent!!! Later Brother... great try! John Formerly known as WhiteCommando
  6. It was this suit, and these pics specifically, that made me want to go TD. And after that, Mike's suit, on the toy package. But the eye cuts on your helmet were a bit meaner looking. And when Mike assembled the TE2 helmet for me, he did a similar look, and I think he said by accident since the heat from the glue gun caused the eye to squint a bit. See... Oh, looky at the nice orange Rolf-Pauldron. Great work from a couple of talented guys (Mike and Rolf), and a great prop provider (Tony)!
  7. All I can say is you look "Dead Sexy" with that helmet head! Rolf's new suit addiction is satiated once again!!! Maybe you will look better than that last crummy suit you wore! HAHAHA!!! Rolf, you da best! John
  8. See, I am 6'2" and my armor fits perfect! Oops, you can see my belly! DANG! Johnny
  9. Sheesh! Now I have to un-weather ALL of my armor? Trick is... how to un-age an MP-40 pouch. I may need to paint my ABS since my TD was trooped in pretty well. And I just chucked armor into the bin with no satin bags or bubble wrap. I have the guns, boy do I.
  10. Please go here.----------------- I am going to a tooling plant Tuesday to review a rapid prototype machine. Would you like to see a replica as a tool... for proof of concept? I just thought it was too cool. Great work! John
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