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  1. what color are you going to paint the frown, traps , tube stripes etc? Are you going to use decals? or just paint them all? ------------he makes some red ones?
  2. The newest member of Vader's army - Barbietrooper.
  3. Welcome to another Iowan! Maybe sometime we can have a nice troop for something nearby!
  4. I don't think you will be happy with the fiberglass helmet. If you have painting skills, Check out the ATA thread. http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=7239
  5. Hi, preparing to get some paint for my first HIPS helmet (thanks ATA!) I have searched and read many of the posts. I have narrowed my choices to: 1. Rustoleum: Painter Touch: Sandable Primer (White) followed by Rustoleum Professional High Performance Enamel (Gloss White) sku #7592. 2. Krylon Fusion gloss white. (no primer needed?) Possibly followed by Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze? 3. Krylon H2O I am a complete novice at painting. For you experienced helmet painters - I have read that the Rustoleum is difficult to work with? Why? I am leaning towards the Krylon Fusion gloss white, because it seems to be easier for some reason. If I go this route - I am planning to NOT use a primer. Is that correct? How many coats would you recommend? How far apart in time (5 minutes between coats like the Rustoleum?) do I need to use the clear glaze over the top? If you think I should just do the Rusoleum and forget the Krylon, please advise. Looking forward to reading your advice while I get it trimmed and assembled prior to painting.
  6. Are there 5 teeth holes cut on each side?
  7. It looks like taking more than 3-4mm off would expose the bottom of the dimple. I don't want to have to fill that in and repaint. Not sure if it is worth it to only gain 3mm.
  8. how much can you remove before exposing the little "dimple" in the midline that is currently covered by the brow? -----
  9. I thought that AP would not sell armor only. Either helmet only or helmet + armor.
  10. I thought webers was only the neck trim.... I am hoping to not replace the neck trim, only the brow trim. EDIT: Check that, I found WINDOW & AD GLASS RUBBER #RG101 that is U shaped at Webers. Not sure if it is appropriate size though? Has anyone used this one? ----- for their brow trim?
  11. Working on my MRCE. It looks like I will not get the orginal brow trim off intact, and will need to replace it. I am looking for a source that will not be too expensive to ship to US. I saw on reference for ----- (item 8507k41). Unfortunately the smallest available length is 10 feet, although still only $7. There was only one mention of this one - has anyone else used it? Any other suggestions? Sealsdirect is in UK - looks to be expensive to ship to US. I think the stock neck trim will survive the mod process... otherwise I will try the Webers WINDOW & AD GLASS RUBBER #RG102. Thanks, Derek
  12. Anyone have one of the helmet banks from the Disney Star Wars Weekends currently going on. Saw a few on Ebay. Pictures anyone? who will be the first to do a Disney bank mod to make your toddler a TK helmet? Derek
  13. How does the sizing run on that boot.... I am a 12 or 13 in US sizes, I have worn both 46 and 47 in Euro models.... I was considering the 46 (as high as they go on that site). How did size run for you guys? Derek
  14. looking good so far. What leather paint did you use? how did you prep the boot. Looking forward to the "tutorial"
  15. ---------- anyone know the helmet? Recast of something? skygunbro - google search brings up lots of dented helmet stuff. Any info? Derek
  16. I had a couple spots I needed to hold the velcro stronger than the industrial strength velcro build in adhesive. I glued the velcro to the armor or to the elastic using e6000. Let dry 24 hours before using. Derek
  17. Hello. I have very much enjoyed all of the information here. I have been SLOWLY working on my FX armor kit in spare time since December. Thanks to you all for the tips and info that you share. I have all the ABS assembled, just need some finishing touches on the helmet, neck seal, belt. It has been fun so far, for a guy that has never even put a model together! How did I learn of this? - It all started Halloween 2005. I was taking the kids around for beggars night when I came across a real life Stormtrooper taking his kids out for some candy (or so it seemed to me and the kids). After a brief conversation on where he got the kit, I knew I MUST have one - my vision is almost reality now. I look forward to my completion and hopefully joining the local garrison. I saw you guys on the Iowa Public Television telethon a few months ago... very cool. I Will post some pictures when I finish. (do you ever really finish?) I keep reading about new things here that I want to try. Must stay on task, finish this FX first, then expand. I think my next piece will be to attempt a MRCE mod..... but seeing the latest TM armor really gives me some armor envy! Thanks again everyone. Looking forward to being a part. Derek
  18. How about Troopermaster armor for his size?
  19. I am considering the MRCE. Has anyone done the ears, teeth, brow, tube stripes WITHOUT repainting the whole thing?
  20. Let us know how they are. I am looking at the same boot. Does it run true to size? Thanks!
  21. How much was the shipping? Does not say on their website to US.
  22. How about these? http://www.zappos.com/product/7441396/color/732
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