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  1. always that kind of troopers who need confirmation of their beauty :D
  2. I think it looks just perfect, perhaps you're not the ideal 1,80m trooper but we also did see some heigher troopers in the movie. I am 1,87m and am also happy with my trooper but if the helmet is such a problem for you I'd try to fasten the chin strap a little bit more or just put a thinner foam star as padding for the helmet
  3. probably you'll even not get that shi**y armor but a 'Röstung' ^^ so maybe it will be a little burned lol
  4. great now just a touch of some usage to the PVC and you can travel in a time machine back to the roots ^^
  5. then tell them you've got a screen accurate bucket as long as you like it
  6. I think they both look fine, I'd leave it as it is because a lot of buckets in ANH had even bigger gaps but so it's screen accurate!!! but it's always a personal choice, so it's up to you!
  7. yep, very nice built, looks really awesome! and I also recognize something else
  8. I'd recommend a better UK Seller with more accurate armors and better prices. look at www.rspropmasters.net
  9. one of the best armor ever you got there, you'll have a lot of fun building it pozdrawiam z niemiec i trzymam kciuki dla budowy
  10. good idea! if looking twice you really see the slight angle, looking forward to see the complete holster
  11. yeah really appreciate that guys I'll keep you posted
  12. thanks, I'll make some better ones outside, when the weather allows it...
  13. amazing helmet, love the details and those authentic eyes and tips :duim: i see you really made it with the ears, I was having more trouble with them can't wait to see the full suit in it's appearence Way to go, Steven!
  14. Ok, it took me pretty much time and it's still not finished but here we go for the first test fit without flash but bad light Rob's Suit is amazing!!! :D As you can see, it's missing the belt, but I hope that I'll get it soon... Then the ears and the stripes have to be painted and also all screws to white color. And last to-do is a next coat of white on the boots, I hope got still enough paint for the straps.. But till now I'm already taken by that lovely trooper, can't wait to finish the rest ahh and yes, some natural weathering will be added soon as well, cause we want the movie trooper hehe What do you think, any critics? Have a nice Weekend Troops!!
  15. till now every little screw stays where it's supposed to, I don't think it would break as far as you don't cut the edge to narrow but otherwise a lttle crack would be accurate too hehe
  16. Hey Troops! I have been working for the last week on my PVC set, thanks to Rob, he's really a great guy who makes an outstanding armor As you can see I'm pretty slow cause there's not much time I look forward finishing it maybe next week so there's still much to do hehe ohhh and also thanks to R2Dan for the top accurate strapping... I'll keep you posted Volumino
  17. WOW I'm really impressed, always love to see so accurete Amors, especially TM. I love my TM as well and you've done an amazing job on that plastic, can't wait so see pictures of the strapping and you wearing it!!
  18. Yep, you're right Dennis, how could I forget that , over all this long time and all "my" three armor builds I now could use everything I learned from many different people but especially R2Dan, my lovely neighbour haha , on building this TM suit, but this time with all the knowledge I've earned, I could build the super accurate Trooper of what I have always dreamed of! Many Thanks to all who have helped me on my way and especially to R2Dan! PS: I have a feeling that tells me you'll get a TM, too. But I'm not sure about that See you in Legoland, if you're there
  19. I don't know if he produces 1mm but this is the 1,5 mm ABS uncapped, as far as I know they used 1,5mm in the movie, too. That's why I've chosen it, I love the "not so shiny" look
  20. My armor is even ready, but I have to wait for the pack. I'd love to go to CV and visit USA. But I'm 16 and it's not that easy to go there alone, perhaps CVI somebody invites me and I'll come with all my gear. I've only been one time to Florida for a month during an exchange program, i love America! That was the best time of my life
  21. Hehe, thank you. I was trying to hit the accurate Strapping system TM for the win
  22. I like it, too. You did a great job on the assembly The TM bucket is even a bit better than the MRCE, isn't it?
  23. Hey my Sandtrooper TM Helmet is ready to wear, I love it and can't get enough of it. Everything is handpainted even the tube stripes I'll post some pictures of te whole armor as soon as my Backpack will be ready These are he old pics Thank you Paul, great armor. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Your armor is ROTJ derived so all your parts have some differences between ANH. that explains the wonky arm parts.
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