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  1. I'm definitely going to have a crack at this, started some sketches of the pack so i can work it out Paul, I may need some of those glorious RotJ parts you've made Some more reference pics: Weathering detail From what i can see: RotJ armour Custom air pack Faceplate and hose Black Pauldron - not smooth, more of a Leatherette finish Custom Shin guards I imagine turning my head is going to be a big issue unless i can get some very flexible hose, and Its going to be a pain to do that pack but i do like a challenge
  2. The Foxflier kits have been around for quite a while, and I've always been tempted to get one and try the build, although I've not seen one done. I'll have a search on the MEPD and see if anyone has made one Corrected link - http://www.foxflier.com/lewis/
  3. Are you playing on PS4? The share button is great for catching those funny moments - I've had a few where my body has gone flying like a rag doll and stuck somewhere Also, yes you can ride the AT-AT if you can find somewhere high enough to jump across with the jump pack, although i usually fail hard when i try it
  4. Amazing work Jim, looks fantastic!
  5. Great thread, any chance of discussing seams and where the armor joins are on the various parts?
  6. LOL - its the sofa bed in the office, wouldnt be allowed that in the living room she'd kill me
  7. After several layers of weathering my MG15 is pretty much finished. Need to add the rubber eye piece to the snooper scope but I'm happy to call it done Pics: Hope you approve Cheers Simon
  8. Update: Today I decided I would have a go at scratch building the front scope mount. This the real one: I got a piece of scrap ABS, and some spare bits I had laying around and drew a template. I then used some plastic rod for the mounting frame, and then added the scope rings Here is my effort: Just the single point to go, then its time for tidy up and final painting. Cheers, Si
  9. Hey troops, This is my WIP thread for the MG-15 Heavy Blaster I was lucky enough to get my hands on an actual MG-15 replica, and for less than £100 - I think i paid £90 for it! It’s made of wood but whoever made this did an amazing job as it’s very accurate for a wooden prop, the saddle drum is very nicely made The gun had been painted a flat Black colour, but I wasn’t happy with it and there are also a few marks and bits that need some filler so I sanded the whole thing back and then shot it with a few coats of primer so I could see the parts that needed a touch of filler. I also decided that I’d add the scope rails and scopes before painting. Rear Section and Snooper Scope I decided I would scratch build mine, and fashion some brackets out of different pipe clips I started off by slicing up 2 different sets of brackets and heating them to shape, and then gluing them together I dremeled the bottom of the brackets to fit the contour of the receiver, and then screwed them in place. The scope is made of several bits of plumbing pipe and fitments, having sat in B&Q for an hour putting bits together and looking at pics on my phone Mounted to Gun Hose (removeable) added End Pieces added I still need to add the rubber eye piece but I’ll do that after it’s been painted, and then fit the Singlepoint scope, which I’ve yet to get hold of, but I do hopefully have a lead on one from a fellow garrison member More updates soon Cheers Simon
  10. Welcome Dave, Where did you see the troopers? Enjoy it here, its nice and white
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