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  1. Thank you brothers, we try as much as possible. Geroyam Slava!
  2. Thanks for the words of support, it means a lot to me at this time
  3. Hello everyone from Ukraine! We decided to take a couple of photos, I hope it's not bad.
  4. Привет! This is not surprising, because Russian and Ukrainian languages of the Slavic group of languages are somewhat similar.
  5. (My English is not very good, but I want to write something) Hello from Ukraine! My name is Alexander, I am 23 years old. As a child, I watched Star Wars and immediately liked the stormtroopers, I set myself the goal of making exactly the same suit, and after many years I did it! The guys from the Ukrainian outpost helped me, without their help I would hardly have made such armor. Thanks to them for that! TK-55535 ready for duty! \
  6. Requesting access ТК-55535 Ukraine Outpost https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=33413
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