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  1. Looks great to me! I'm fairly certain the brow line to top of ear gap won't be an issue, as like you said, it's consistent with the Dave M helmet, but maybe wait for more experienced troopers to chime in. Mine wanted to fit the same way, but I went the other route and thinned out the bottom to bring the top more in line with the brow. Of course, that gave me a bigger gap between the top of the cheek tube and the ear, so it was 'pick your poison'. Pretty much a personal preference thing I think, since the screen used ears were kind of all over the map.
  2. Your input is appreciated as always, Caleb! Yeah, I was reeeeally hoping to avoid shims, but it might be the best way to go. Almost seems counter intuitive to trim more off, only to add material with shims, but I do understand the concept. It's really the only way to reduce, or eliminate, the coverstrip ridges in order to reduce the coverstrip width. I just don't wanna! But I agree, I can start with 1. and 3. and then reevaluate from there.
  3. So I've procrastinated long enough, back to the build! My last post was finishing off the exterior of the helmet. This post: 1. Helmet interior 2. Biceps (with potential issues) 1. Helmet interior Nothing spectacular or ground breaking here, installed padding and fans. For padding I just used a basic helmet padding set from Amazon and supplemented it with a 1" strip of "high density" foam from Joann's, as my eyelashes were hitting the eye lenses so I needed a bit thicker padding along my forehead. Below pictures show the foam before and after wrapping it with
  4. Ears...I'm still having nightmares from mine lol! No, seriously, they weren't as scary as I'd anticipated them to be. For me, tedious and time consuming for sure, just required a good amount of patience.
  5. My bucket has the same warp at the right side trap, so it seems to be consistent for ATA. I just considered it another bit of wonderful wonkiness when I was building mine. To my (newbie) eyes, it looks like you could trim a little of the wearer's right side cap/back in the curve of the tube. But if it were me, I'd still leave that bottom, front corner of the tube for now. At least until you get things lined up the way you want them and figure out the bottom rivet position. Just be really cautious if you do. The back, right side edge of the face plate (the edge extending back
  6. Thanks David! I was back and forth between hand painting and decals, I seriously doubted my ability to paint to my liking. But I'm glad I went with hand painting for my lid, turned out much better than I expected it to. And the imperfections add a little character, in my opinion!
  7. Thanks Caleb, much appreciated! Funny you mention Cricket's sponge technique. After reading one of her build threads, I had every intention of employing that method. Bought a makeup sponge while compiling my supplies (and I'm sure I looked as lost as can be in the Target makeup aisle!). Then after painting everything else, the brushes just felt more comfortable to me. But on my next lid, I'll probably revisit the idea...and I already have the sponge! Oh and thanks for the white paint tip as well!
  8. Thank you Glen! And yeah, that was my thought on the Humbrol 22 as well, just wasn't sure if it was normal. Roger that, I did the same with the spray plastic-dip on the interior...sprayed some onto a plastic tray and brushed on for a couple minor touch ups. Thank you for the tip, I'll discontinue use of the 22. And just for an additional reference for anyone interested, here's what the Humbrol 22 looked like on a larger area...definitely looks cream, custard, eggshell, etc.
  9. It's been a bit since my last post, so time for a progress report. Been working on completing the exterior of my bucket and I think it's finished for the most part. All in all, I'm quite pleased with how it has turned out (was nervous about hand painting). But as always, PLEASE call out anything that doesn't look right. Eye lenses and frown mesh: I originally intended to go with Joseph's sugru lens mounting method, so I purchased some sugru from Joseph and then picked up some more from amazon. Had plenty on hand in case I screwed anything up. I really liked the way A.
  10. Thanks Glen! Now that you mention it, one of the screw holes on my right ear doesn't align perfectly with the hole in the bucket, so it gives me a little trouble fitting the screw. Nothing major, just have to wrestle with it a bit. I might have to explore "slotting" that hole as a possible solution when I re-assemble.
  11. Thanks Dan! I've found your tips and vids here and on YouTube very helpful. Ok, so I completed Take 2 on the tears and traps pinstriping last night. I think they came out much better this time around. I still have to clean up some of the outside edges of the pinstripes (photos below). I also countersunk the screw holes on my ears today. I used a 7/64" drill bit for the screw holes. And I used a 1/4" drill bit to countersink the holes, BY HAND - no drill, just manually turned the bit by hand, as I've seen advised many times for better control. As you can see in the
  12. I'm also currently building my ATA helmet (almost done), so this looks very familiar. One piece of advice I've received from others on FISD (and taken to heart) is to cut conservatively at first. You can always cut more if you need to...it's a little tougher to put it back. I drew all my initial cut lines basically where the mold lines were, similar to yours, but my first cuts were 2-3 mm short of the lines so I could see how the two pieces came together. Then I cut more as needed. Hope this helps!
  13. I'm thinking just the rear traps are too thin though. Tears and front traps are ok in your opinion?
  14. Thanks Glen! The black paint in the post above was done a few days ago, so today was coat #1 of the grey (Humbrol 5 Dark Admiralty Grey Gloss). Please let me know what y'all think. My preference is the very thin black borders. I definitely had some "Dank Farrik!!" moments where the brush didn't cooperate (always blame the tools!) and the black was too thin, mostly on the rear traps. I took a close look and thankfully I didn't wipe out the black line completely in any of these areas. I think they're still ok, but I may try to fix them tomorrow. And I went a smidg
  15. Next stop, bucket painting. The main references I'm using as a guide are @CableGuy's ANH Stunt - helmet painting tips thread and linked YouTube vids (what a glorious helmet!) and starswarshelmets.com: http://www.starwarshelmets.com/original-ANH-Stunt-Stormtrooper-armor-helmets.htm Sample references of the Dave M (L) and Brian R (R) helmets: So far I started with all the black (Humbrol 85 Satin Black), as I was hoping for feedback before I continue on with the grey (Humbrol 5 Dark Admiralty Grey Gloss. I know I painted more than I needed to here, bu
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