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  1. We buy our belts there. They are the best Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  2. Hi can you give 501st access to the forum https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20936 tk 92963
  3. Ok for a customer i have to assemble and paint the quadnoculars. We designed it and its pretty awesome. After our laser Axe journey this is a new puppy in my shop. We designed this After print it looks like this To be continued Wayne
  4. still a WIP Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  5. Those are the grips Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  6. Now to put this baby in Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  7. Tnx Glenn, Here is my latest update Glue is still drying! Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  8. Well this the status Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  9. Well Andy the reason of my post is not make a build thread, because that honor is for somebody else. With this post i just wanted to show the road a product with almost no good reference points on how things should work and the troubles we overcame during the project. But people like you believed in us. *feels appreciated*
  10. Well I edited my post with status as is. There you can see the functionality working
  11. Hi, I created this build thread because we designed a fully working 3D printed Laser Axe. I will update this Thread daily just to show how it will work when its operational. I cannot go in detail on the mechanics yet, but i will show a lot. The aim is too finish my Axe in the following days. The story started when we decided to collab in this project with Denis Vorobiev, the guy from ArmouryShop. He had an alpha version of the Axe and myself had an alpha version of the Axe. But we decided to devide the work, in: Testing Additional material prototyping Sales Contracting So the love between a Dutch and Russian guy began.... We started the build with a design once we had a V1 Design we asked influencers for their opinion. My first contacts where with lads like JAFO who helped us greatly. Our first step was the default size of the bastard. It was very hard 2 determine that we had acces to an HD part of the trailer so we did some measurements, and Since Denis is the smart Mofo he did a good measurement on averages : So now the sizes where a fact... Then the Printing started We started with the basis of the Axe, we though that be regular PVC pipe. Ofcourse pre order troopers pointed out that in the US the default size is 33 something mm and the default size in euro is 32mm. go metrics!. So we had 2 versions. US and EURO, later JAFO came with a possible AUSSIE one. so when starting on printing the main barrel we came on some problems, the main thing was the stability. and the result we reinforced it with some integrated support. Stabilty is OK. The next step was printing the blades, because those things we really wanted to be sexy After many prints we had like 28 versions. Because designing is one thing but holding it in your hand is a different thing On the moment of shooting the picture, we are in the build in the next phase. But ware printing the top part Ofcourse came the fitting on the PVC tube so we did some resizing. In this picture you see we used a plastic rod. which sucked big time. So we changed it to a square metal rod, ofcourse all the attached parts to the rod had to be changed After implementing we went full force on the mechanics. It was really a need that it should work. We changed the rod to metal, but luckly we didnt have to change the gears to metal. Since all the custom work the price would go up too. But version one gears had almost no grip. In the model they had all the grip but in real life it wasnt all that. After 4 versions we had a nice gear type and we start building the mechanics. But suddenly the bottom part worked! or this movie with the current gear set in too place we started to assemble further. keeping in mind the top main piece was resting on the pipe. What would happen if i hold the Axe upside down. Well it fell off. So i bought a few drill stop rings to hold it all back. And suprisingly it gave stability to the complete bottom part. So that was the second metal part in the project. then came another problem. And this problem we are to put with the customer. As you can see the grip is a kind of rubber/gasket like which is cut out in the pole. we deliver the black plastic only my customers have to cut it out. On this point we decided to make a US version of the Axe, because if you frack up the only sized pvc pipe, we have to resend. thats no option Now we have the top main parts assembled and what you dont see i was a lazy printer. I just printed the bottom blade holder set 2x. which resulted in the bottom closing and the top opening and visa versa. silly me in this picture i look like the guy in the trailer. still a bit more hair i guess. So this weekend we continue the build but again this is the end result till now. Now i am reprinting the bottom gear holders all to version 4 big rod and i hope to cover the blades in the correct size. But hte mechanics work So stay tuned for the build progress
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