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  1. Something that I want to ask is if you have your soft parts picked out yet, and what kind of blaster you want to go for
  2. I technically do not qualify for the comp since I haven’t started my build thread yet. Although technically I have been getting soft parts since the beginning of last month. I’m still waiting for BBB day Although I plan on going straight for Centurion right off the bat and have been collecting the needed parts piece-meal.
  3. For registering, all you need to do is make an account your account and wait. An email will be sent over to the staff to get you approved. After that, you'll be able to post on there. It took me about a month to get approved because I applied at a bad time and my submission got lost in the garrison election shuffle. Yours should be much quicker. Also, if you go for ANH TK, it does also open the option for you to become a Heavy Weapons Trooper as well. Basically two costumes in one! From there, it's an easier step towards the environmentally fitting Sandie, but that's just something you might want to think about before you commit to a costume.
  4. Hey! I was wondering if I'd be allowed to troop with leather R1 gloves for an ANH Stunt TK. I have my chemical gloves with latex pads for centurion status, but I wanted to know if it would be acceptable to get those gloves in anticipation of my R1 TK and Tank Trooper builds... once I get the money for them that is... Thanks!
  5. Hey there! Another future Dune Sea member! I live up in Flagstaff where despite not having my armor assembled, a local group of six members and their families took me took me out to dinner to get to know me. They are all great people! Be sure to sign up for the Dune Sea Garrison forums, and start getting to know the peeps there! I'm currently waiting on my big brown box (BBB for short) to arrive, but I've already been offered help/tools from a nearby member. Since the vast majority of the garrison are in the Phoenix area, you should have plenty of people there to help you out! Also, just because you don't have your kit ready doesn't mean you can't go on troops as a handler! I've been offered to join in on some of the local troops just to get better acquainted with our fellow troopers, but haven't actually gone to one yet. Supposed to have one this weekend but it got canceled sadly. But anyways, if you are working on your armor, be sure to look up TK 1636's videos on youtube. He is the best armorer in our garrison. He has tutorials on building armor that is very intuitive and you will learn a lot. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeDunMes3e0wQn8_ns-ma4g You got yourself some good armor. With the guidance from both the great members in the forums, and in the garrison proper, they'll make a trooper of you yet. Start a build thread both here and on the Dune Sea Garrison forums, and you will get constant and reliable feedback. I look forward to trooping with you someday! ~JR
  6. The ANH stormie is just going to be the beginning >:D
  7. Welcome Kyle. You may not be a member of your forums yet, but you will be soon enough. It took me almost a month to be able to sign in to my local garrison's forums. Your access should be much swifter since I happened to apply right as there was some major changes. Bad timing on my part. In the mean time, do follow the links provided here. Initially looking into joining the 501st is a very daunting task when you first join these forums. There are dozens of armorers who specialize in normal storm troopers alone, some armorers specialize in other types like scouts or clones. The armor that suits you may not suit everyone. There are armors that lend themselves to durability, to the height and weight of individuals, to the cost and so much more. I can't stress it enough that you will want to make sure you do your research, the search bar on the top is a pathway to many abilities that some consider to be unnatural. Search for build threads, search for armorers. See what other people are getting before you buy your own. Thorough research can make all the difference from blowing all your money on a less than ideal armor. I did this twice, so I know the pain. Please stop by this thread before you go looking for armor There are many great vendors out there, most of whom have accounts on here and you can PM them, or find their emails in one of many threads dedicated to their info. For as many of the great vendors out there, there are... shudders recasters out in the wild internet. These kits tend to be far worse quality than the ones you can find here. That, or you may end up not receiving any kit at all! When receiving armor recommendations, be sure to search for build threads on that piece so you know what you are getting into. Check what the vendor's wait times are, the reviews of members on this forum. I ignore reviews on sites like Etsy/ebay and would rather get opinions from the peeps here. There are a few exceptions for certain armorers who are vetted and offer goods on Etsy, but always take a grain of salt when you are on those sites regardless. I hope to not be too scary here. The main lesson I want you to take with you is that you should take your time. Take your time doing the research, take your time putting your kit together, and when you gain access to the forums, say hi! I made a post on my garrison's forum introducing myself a week or two ago, and I immediately got into contact with people in the same city as me, and I'll be having dinner with them this Friday! I'm expecting about 5+ people showing up, all just for a new person they met on a forum, what a welcoming! As Andrew said, we are a family and we always love fresh company! Everyone here wants to see you succeed, always remember that!
  8. This thread is inspiring me to build my own rocket launcher! It would seem like a pretty fun build for an absolute novice such as myself.
  9. I bought an AM kit from Dave, and am super excited to get it in this next wave! I know you aren’t alone with being on the fence about it, there are a few others doing the same research as you right now. Another plus side for AM for me is the location being in the US, so shipping is much easier for me. I know some people are heavily influenced by the location of the vendor. On a final note, it seems AM is making a huge resurgence here, lots of people have been buying it lately.
  10. Welcome fellow two letter name who also starts with a J! It is incredibly daunting task to finding the right armor. I've been aware of this forum for years before I've made my first post because I wanted to make sure I had everything down. Research is key here, and it may seem harsh for people to repeatedly ask you to do your research, but coming back and saying, "I know what I want, and why", it can give yourself a sense of pride and accomplishment. I was originally put off by this years ago. Now I've realized that it's really more to your benefit. It will save you lots of money to do the research yourself, to use the search function on the top right of the page, and look up "ANH Stunt Kit", it will show you people's build threads of various builds. If you don't do your research, you might buy kits off of certain websites that shall not be named here, and that each kit has it's strengths and weaknesses. Some are higher quality details but are more fragile, or do not fit certain body types. You might be buying recasts off of sites that claim to be reputable. The links provided above will steer you away from those sorts of people, and I hope that you are not discouraged by the weight of research ahead of you! People have blown thousands because of poor research, and they don't want you to make similar mistakes! I hope to see you around the forums!
  11. I went with the 4.5 armor kit. It's what he's currently offering. Thicker plastic so more durability. He doesn't offer all that much soft goods, so you will need to source yourself boots, under suit, and such if you decide to buy the armor from him. He always responds within an hour or two, so the communication is on point. He just made a new fan kit for the helmet that looks pretty easy to install, you can see it on his facebook page. His armor is a little more expensive, but nothing else like it on the market from what I've seen. I bought his fan kit, his Hasbro/Doopydoo E-11 blaster (I am going to have like 4 E-11s in the near future. The dakka will be all mine). I also bought a resin kit from DoopyDoo so I can have something to work on while I wait for BBB day. Eventually I would like to put together a Fieldmarshall E-11 aluminum blaster, but that's further down the line. For Centurion status though, I'll just buy a rubber one. once I receive everything and my armor is finished. IIRC, Dave also offers strapping separately. Do mind you that I bought the unassembled kit. I don't even remember if it is trimmed or not, lol.
  12. Hey Jeff, welcome to FISD! I am still really new here and haven't received my first armor yet. (I'm very excited for it!) I ended up buying an AM from Dave's Darkside Depot, a well recommended vendor on the forums. His kits are easy to assemble for newbies and easier to adapt for the larger builds like myself. Or so I've been told. I'm not really in the best place to recommend AM since I haven't even built my first armor yet, but it might be in your interest to look into those kits if you haven't done so already. It's a US vendor as well, and he will be shipping out a large group of armor sets (mine included) soon! My question for you is... have you done your blaster research yet? After I bought my armor, I then realized I needed to do a ton more research for getting my hands on an E-11. Especially since I want to go Centurion status right off the bat.
  13. Thank you for the swift response! I just noticed that this particular model doesn’t include the ammo counter and a few other greebles.
  14. Hey all! Still pretty new here, but I am really curious about this blaster kit. https://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Stormtrooper-Aluminum-Blaster/dp/B07ZRZK5J7 I have heard a lot of good things about similar aluminum blasters here on the forums (All of which is good) and from my understanding of the CRL seems to indicate it should be sufficient for higher levels? I already have my armor ordered, and I decided to order a blaster from AM which will probably be my main trooping blaster (After BBB day of course) but for more intimate settings/shorter troops, I want to have a metal blaster that I assemble myself that *feels* real, that has weight to it. I am just wondering if people here have taken this/similar blasters all the way to Centurion level , and their overall opinions on it. Would I need to buy additional parts such as T-Jay’s completion kit? Sorry for the longwinded question. A plus side of this vendor is that I should be getting it a month before BBB so I can have something to keep my occupied until then. Thanks!
  15. Armor has been purchased, need to wait another day to buy the boots. But other than that, I think I should be all set and just wait for everything to come in
  16. Thanks for the info and very helpful links! Haven’t quite found those yet on my own I just ordered the soft bits and finalizing my order with AM, the transaction should be finished by today hopefully. Once BBB day arrives a few months from now, I’ll get started on that build thread. For movie accuracy, I ended up buying the padded gloves from Trooper Bay, so I’ll have some spare hand armor laying around. All of this is just too exciting!
  17. Dave was really quick to respond! I never realized he offered so many options! I told him I’m interested in the basic kit, but I am very excited for him to reply. And thank you for the welcome Scott! I’m glad to see someone from our garrison on here! Also thanks everyone for the warm and quick welcome! I now just need to find some soft bits like the under suit, boots, and neck seal and then get the supplies like magnets, E6000, and ABS paste. I think I should have the rest.
  18. Thanks for the welcome! I'll definitely be forming my own build thread when the time comes! The local garrison will be having a building workshop event going on this month, perhaps I'll be able to attend but I to have a sort of sponsor there as well as a kit to work on, so I'll probably have to wait a few months for another one to come up. Hopefully I'll be able to access the forums soon.
  19. Hi, my name is JR and I'm 22 years old. I've been looking to join the 501st for years, having met some members from the Dune Sea Garrison (I live in Arizona). I'm currently waiting for approval to be able to access the Dune Sea Garrison forums so I can ask various questions about the garrison there. In the mean time I was hoping to get some advice from here. I've been following TK 1636's videos on youtube to get a better grasp of the building process among various other youtubers. I'm a bit of a larger lad being 6'1 about 240lbs with a 38" waist, gonna try to cut that down a bit though in anticipation to eventually trooping. After doing research, deciding on the armor, then doing more research and settling for a different kit, only to do more research... I think I have come to the conclusion that I would like to go for an Armor Master ANH derived TK. I've read that it suits larger troopers and fairly easy to assemble for noobies such as myself. I wanted to get some opinions before I take the plunge and send the email. Thanks!
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