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  1. Allright, so I got the Imgur app and I believe there is no direct link button on the app so I can't put pictures directly here for now... Again...
  2. Sorry for the lack of photos, I was too lazy to figure imgur out haha! Maybe later. Anyways, other than minor visual bits and bobs and some improvements... I'M DONE!!! After all this time! Believe me, it took a while hahahaha! Now I just have to check if I have everything and if not, where to find these little things. Like the screws underneath the chest armor, for example. One happy trooper here
  3. Looked up the whole cod strap stuff and figured it out! Actually I even did all of it today haha! Will probably install the shoulder elastics later today or in the next few days.
  4. Will probably install the shoulder bell strap elastics today. I will most likely use the same elastic as I used for the drop boxes and cut it narrower. I had the idea to glue the elastic to itself while it's on the strap. If I want to modify it I'll just have to cut it and install a new one also pondering if trying to bend the shoulder straps with a regular hair dryer might work as I do not have a heat gun... I found some info on the groin snap etc. But could not find a picture of the inside of the armor to see the optimal way to set the whole thing up. I know I have to use a split rivet on the groin and I have a strap with a hole on one side (for the split rivet) and a snap on the other side and I also have the necessary snaps but, again, not sure how to do all of it optimally. I'm SOOOOOO close to the end, I can feel it haha!
  5. Thanks for the great suggestions, it helps a lot Sorry if I don't write big paragraphs, I've got 2 young children and work full time so I've got very limited time haha. The help is greatly appreciated though!
  6. So - Velcro done! - I put my《inside》cover strips for the thighs (for strenght etc.) and in a few days I'll do the the outside cover strips 2 questions for you guys: Best way to link the thighs to the rest of the armor so they stay still? And Can I use the elastic fabric I used for the drop boxes for the back of the shoulder straps? (I would obviously cut it so it's fairly thin. If not, what should I use? Thanks a bunch!
  7. Thanks for the great tips! Yeah, I meant Imgur actually haha. I guess I'll try putting velcro with e-6000 then
  8. Also, my belt keeps sagging down and a friend told me that he used velcro on top of his chicago screws to keep the belt still but he's very busy right now so do you guys know how to do it optimally? There's always the possibility of a screw through the armor and belt, too. Any other advice? Thanks!
  9. Hi! Quick update for y'all! Gloves glued with gorilla glue! Whole belt finished with chicago screws! Biggest step left is closing the thighs but I might have trouble cause I got thunder thighs now... Will keep you guys posted. Thanks a lot for the help so far I still have to learn to use photobucket so bare with me for pictures later haha! Cheers!
  10. Thanks! Yeah, I've watched many hours of these videos it's just that different makers give different parts for the belt situation and don't really explain much when it comes to that part. As far as I remember there's not that much info on the hand guards either. Sorry if that's not the case.
  11. Funny you said that, I just asked a guy I know from the 501st and he mentionned chicago screws too haha! Just bought some off Amazon. Thanks!
  12. Also, I'm pondering to maybe use screws and nuts in the 3 spots on the belt instead of rivets, not even being sure how to not f*** up and not being sure if I even have the right parts for the job.
  13. I'll make sure to sand, then. I knew I had to do it but forgot before glueing. You guys rock! Thanks again!
  14. Thanks for the super useful tip! I'm in Quebec and I have gorilla or Lepage super glue readily available but locktite is more expensive and will take like 3 weeks to arrive though haha. I might try gorilla if you believe it's good too.
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