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  1. Sounding off for Carolina garrison. Look forward to trooping with you!
  2. TK-92716 of Carolina Garrison requesting access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30567
  3. Ok so you’ve criticized how I’m posting photos 3-4 times already and I’m doing exactly what you’ve told me to.
  4. https://imgur.com/gallery/rvMqLPq is this about how the brow line should look?
  5. So what’s the consensus on return edges on the arm portions of the armor? I’ve kept some on pretty much ALL of the armor while trimming, I realize that most of it will be trimmed even more. This picture shows the return. It has to be virtually non existent on the arms correct? https://imgur.com/gallery/CXMMsHN
  6. So, I started a build thread in the correct place since apparently this is not it lol here is a link to the correct thread. Unboxing and the beginning of trimming already posted
  7. Posting my build thread here because apparently, I started it in the wrong place. Wtf kit, BBB day today, have boots, undersuit, neckseal and holster already. Still need a belt, gloves and centurion level boots. My boots will get through basic but not centurion. Below is the unboxing and the beginning of trimming. https://imgur.com/gallery/Ob60NpT
  8. BBB showed up at my doorstep today. Out of town for the next few days with work. RIP
  9. Shipping confirmation came today for my kit. Will post pics when I do inventory. Picked up a holster from a local local garrison member as well this evening.
  10. Neck seal came in today from geeky pinks. Need to order gloves and a holster and belt and everything will be purchased.
  11. So Here is the e-11 build so far. I will add some weathering tomorrow. I would have gotten more done but I actually went to my first troop today. I worked the booth for Carolina Garrison at aspiecon. Was a aspbergers and autism awareness convention. Got to officially meet quite a few great people in the garrison and had a lot of fun.
  12. Doopy doos kit came in tonight. Assembling soon
  13. It won’t let me upload photos from my phone. I’ll try on the computer tomorrow night. I have my first unofficial troop with Carolina garrison at aspiecon tomorrow. I’m working the booth as far as I know.
  14. Doopy doos kit came in today. Starting on it tonight. What sort of glue should I use to assemble it?
  15. Haven’t gotten hard parts in yet. Starting now since I’ve had my first parts come in today. Ordered a WTF kit On March 4 Ordered a geeky pinks neck seal last night March 21 my boots came in today. They are funtasms just to go ahead and have a pair for basic approval if I don’t get my other boots before submission but will be ordering imperial boots for centurion when they open again already have a hasboro blaster with a doopy doos kit on the way. Ordered basic black althetic gear gear for the undersuit from amazon should be here this weekend.
  16. I may actually order some off amazon I found for $40. Just to keep the ball rolling. They’ll get basic approval but they have a seam in the front so won’t get higher than that. Order imperial boots in a month. Also having an extra set of anything is good for a pinch
  17. Apr 19th is when they open again I was hoping to not wait another month to order
  18. I appreciate it. I’m playing the waiting game right now. I have taken some advice from the local garrison and started working on the extras while I wait on my suit. Ordered a droopy doos kit for my hasboro blaster, a neck seal from geeky pinks gaskets, and picked up compression gear for the under suit today. I am having trouble locating some boots though. I was referred to TK boots and I got an email from them this morning stating that they were shutting down. I also wouldn’t know where to start looking for a holster. I do leatherwork as a hobby and I guarantee I could make one but am unsure of dimensions and types of leather/rivets etc used.
  19. Wards wife gave me permission to share a photo of her and their kids with the mando mercs/Carolina garrison members who stood by his casket. Today is the 2 year anniversary of the funeral.
  20. So with TK boots closing, where are some other places to get them?
  21. Yes I am already registered for Carolina garrison. (Gastonia NC here) But didn’t get a straight forward answer from the event coordinator. I have also posted in the garrison forums and have not received any replies.
  22. So what are the rules concerning volunteering while waiting on your kit/approval? I’ve been told it’s a great way to meet garrison members but don’t know the actual rules around it?
  23. A very good friend of mine passed away almost 2 years ago. His name was Ward Godwin and was working to become a part of Talon Clan for the mando mercs. I didn’t know a lot about this group at the time but he had been spending a great deal of time with these guys and I felt like they deserved to hear the news. They thanked me for letting them know and that was that. Until 4 of them showed up to stand at attention at his casket during his funeral. That’s what made me wonder exactly what it was that they did and what they stood for. After speaking with a couple of the members, I found out about their charitable contributions and all of the amazing things that they did. They informed me that they were a part of several groups that they were involved with, the 501st being the largest and that they sometimes overlap. The costuming seemed a little restricted to me in the mercs ( for obvious reasons) but I did like how the stormtroopers looked. Two weeks after Wards funeral, I ordered a TK suit. Knowing that they sometimes take a while, I waited. And waited. And waited. To the point to where I completely forgot about the suit. And then this time of year rolled around to where ward was on my mind. A month ago ago I called the supplier to see what was up with no real success, and after some back and forth I got a refund. I am now currently waiting on another suit from WTF and am extremely excited to be a part of this amazing community that my friend was a part of. Because of him I wouldn’t have known what it is that this group does. And I will always be grateful for that. So this is Derek saying hello and thank you guys for being an inspiration in so many ways.
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