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  1. Might not be recasting, but still assuredly they should remain on the buyer beware list due to their bad business practices.
  2. While it wasn't the original discussion, it's good to note at least they aren't recasting. But unfortunately it still doesn't make up for how awful their communication is. Also, ever since we originally talked about Head Shot Props, I've talked to maybe a dozen or so more people who were put in the same situation as me. (paying and not receiving their kits nor a refund.) I think HSP has actually been removed from a few Facebook groups because of this. Luckily a couple of us were able to bug them enough to finally get a response and get our money back. I hope that's the case for everyone else who they've wronged. On a related note: I know one of the makers of their 3D files (I wont name here) and he does excellent work. But even he said that working with Joe and Chad was a mistake and feels bad that they are using his files in what they are doing. Might not be recasting, but still assuredly they should remain on the buyer beware list due to their bad business practices.
  3. Glad I could give warning! I'll be interested to see how it goes.
  4. Ordered mine in late 2018, never saw it, finally canceled my order in early 2020... Also they refused to refund me for a long while... Wouldn't do business with them again. Hope all is well for you.
  5. And thanks for maintaining the list! I might never have noticed they were stealing designs! Not a fan of dirty re-casters. EDIT: Turns out might not be completely recasting, but still should remain on the buyer beware list due to their bad business practices.
  6. Here's a PDF of the actual past conversations with Head Shot Props (Joe M and Chad R) I'm honestly kind-of hoping that higher-ups see this and "blacklist" them. I'd hate for them to try and scam more people in the future. Head Shot Props - please read annotations.pdf
  7. Do not order form Head Shot Props. Recently had an obnoxious dealing with Head Shot Props. I posted on reddit and we thought it wise to post it here as well since I wasn't alone in having problems with them. Here's what my post(s) was:
  8. Since you mentioned them, I thought I'd post a warning. I'd would say don't buy from Head Shot Props. They might have been okay at one time, but they've gone downhill. They have horrible communication. I made an order for R1 back in 2018 and it never arrived (now coming up on 2020) Even with the extensive delays (totaling over a year) they failed to give any significant progress update on the project. I asked for a refund/cancellation since they didn't deliver: They lied and said I would receive it in <30 days. (which never happened) Hope nobody else falls into this trap like me! Unfortunately I'm just out that money since most payment protections (Looking at you, Paypal) only last a few months.... Guess I'm S.O.L.
  9. For those stumbling curiously upon this thread, I thought I'd post a warning. I'd avoid purchasing from Head Shot Props. Very poor communication. Made an order for R1 back in 2018 and it still hasn't arrived (now coming up on 2020) And there hasn't been a lick of proof of significant progress. They also lied about offering me a refund since they didn't deliver. Hope nobody else falls into this trap! Unfortunately I'm just out of that money. ...I guess sh*t happens, and I'm a much more cautious shopper now. :)
  10. I was hoping to vet this maker and I can safely say: DO NOT ORDER FROM HEAD SHOT PROPS It's been over a year and after multiple conversations with them: No kit, no progress pictures, no refund in sight. They now have a reputation for taking pre-orders without ever delivering, I've already filed a complaint with Paypal, my Bank, and the Better Business Bureau but I'm not expecting to see my money or the kit... Guess I'll chalk this one up as a loss and become a cautionary tale for you all!
  11. Yes I am in that group. A few weeks ago HSP said they were willing to work with since I have been so polite with them. I'll try and report back on what happens next... I really feel bad for canceling on them, but the order i placed in November 2018 was promised to ship back in April 2019 and now it's extended to at least December 2019. (So much for a summer project, lmao) SIDE NOTE: Do be cautious when paying for pre-orders via paypal. There is a 120-day policy that if you stray beyond, there's no guarantee you'll be protected in case of a naughty trickster. (Though I'm sure Joe/Chad have good intentions, they just struggle with transparency.)
  12. I ordered the full R1TK that HSP said would ship back in April. I've been very patient with them not trying to spam them or rush their art, but I haven't seen any updates in months and HSP is really bad about responding to any questions. For that reason I'm politely asking him to cancel my order and refund me. The whole experience with them has kind of left a bad taste in my mouth.
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