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  1. i cut a lot of the top of my barrel due to it hitting my chest too much and preventing me from leaning forward or bending down
  2. the putty does remove the primer sometimes happens to me all the time but doesn't cause any actual issues once sanded
  3. dark vs light the barrel is where i wasted most of my time today a lot of pinholes to cover and sand prob cover up some more imperfections and on to white hope to finish the upper body by the end of the month
  4. did the final coat of white gloss om some parts and gave it a few coats of clear gloss decided to paint the chest instead of doing another coat of primer
  5. you should be good if anything you can re sand a bit since most paint is paint and primer which orientation did you print at i gave up with the helmet for now until i get the rest of the suit done
  6. i suggest you prime and sand until your happy with that you see once your done with all your sanding and you prime a final time and if you do not notice anything wrong do a wet sand of 2000 grit and then paint the intended part where the mic tips go never fully closes
  7. you can for an extra shine just make sure you do not wait more than a hr after your last coast to apply the clear coat i also started the nico bucket but have had trouble printing the chin
  8. I wouldn’t use it gloss white paint should be enough
  9. its best to paint the bucket and spray the clear coat 30 mins after your last coat of paint if you wait more than 24hrs it has a weird chemical effect
  10. used a razor to try and bring out the details of the cover strips will try DarthBiscuits idea of filling some of the pinholes with a paint brush and re sand and give the notches a touch up
  11. painted a few more parts had some runs looks good from a far
  12. sanded off the jb weld and a good chunk of it fell off used resin and fiber glass sheet to repair will sand off tomorrow
  13. What did you use to dry it with I use a microfiber cloth
  14. wet sanded the parts i had put bondo putty on my lil helper accidently dropped one of the ammo boxes and a good chunk broke off used some JB weld to fill and repair works pretty good for cracks as well used it to repair the cracks i had on the chest and back just a bit it sands off with some elbow grease you can see on the bottom middle section of the chest a crack that has been filled and repaired
  15. The plasti dip will come off if you try to sand it I don’t recommend sanding you should be able to peel the whole thing off easily and paint again if you need to
  16. got to paint some parts the clear coat kinda messed it up a bit leaving some drop marks nothing too noticeable not perfect but i am not going to beat myself up about it too much
  17. wet sanded all the imperfections of round 2 prime again and find some more imperfections got fill in a lot of scratches and minor pinholes
  18. use some fiberglass sheet to make the thighs stronger where there where soft spots i would be able to push though it with my fingers after this no more
  19. Awesome! i seen 3D files for a R1 armor out there but I can’t justify spending 150 on them right now since I already have a R1 kit
  20. Ived noticed from what Ived seen that nobody gets the white to match the same color of the abs
  21. with a 850aw kit your going to have to paint it all if you want the color to match the greeblies so either way your going to paint
  22. need to cover a lot of pinholes on the thighs fill sand prime and repeat until its good
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