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  1. Thank you so much for your help. I will be building one of these soon.
  2. I don't see how the details are a mess, they are clean and precise.
  3. Sorry I am late in replying for this. Thank you. And just one more question, what antenna was used for this pack, was the ALICE pack green or black, and will there be a crl for a trooper with this pack?
  4. The armor was changed in order to make the troopers look better. There is no way to explain the armor changes other than R1 was a better made movie. The OT troopers are somewhat clunky and not very uniform. The R1 troopers are more realistic and the helmets are symmetric with actual vents, not stickers. In my opinion they are 100% better than the OT troopers.
  5. Am I the only one out there that thinks R1 tk armor is 100% better than OT armor?
  6. Were the vents on the R1 helm cut out, or were they recessed and painted?
  7. What type of flashlight is on the r1 e11? It looks like some sort of tactical light.
  8. I heard that the parts added to the Sterling smg were glued on.
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