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  1. You used a pen for the hollow studs to connect the stock to the body. What other objects can you use to attach the stock to the body?
  2. Also, where did you get the 8mm aluminum rod for the stock hinge?
  3. I am unable to post any pictures of the bits I have on the web site. Can you post a picture of the bits I can use.? Thanks Joey
  4. I have a question. I just bought a dremmel 3000 from a local Home Depot and it came with some bits. What bit should be used when carving the resin?
  5. What dremmel bit did you use on the resin on the locking notch for the folding stock.?
  6. Can you send the picture of the cut I need to make in order to instal the aluminum piece for the notch. I can't find it. Please include any measurements and tools I need in order to make the cut. My email is: Jpjn45@gmail.com
  7. I know what you are talking about. I bought a completed doopy doos e-11 blaster but how do you sand down the notch area? Any suggestions? You cut out the outlined square and put in an aluminum piece and then cut to fit the locking mechanism?
  8. I bought a abs folding stock but when I closes the stock the sides of the wishbone did not clear the magazine area enough to properly lock the stock in its closes position. So I am a little disappointed . Thanks, Joey
  9. I checked it out and the price is great. It will fit the doopy doos e-11 blaster correct?
  10. How can I get a functioning folding stock for a doopy doos e-11 blaster?
  11. I love this kit and I will give it a shot.
  12. What size metal did you use for both?
  13. Can you make the scope rail and counter bracket for me because i want to order this kit.
  14. How can I order this kit because I want to become an imperial Stormtrooper.? Thanks, Joey Nelson jpjn45 Jpjn45@gmail.com if you can email me.
  15. How can I get the kit? Thanks Joey jpjn45
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