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  1. I'm built my boots to match Phasma's, but in red. Cardinal is a Captain with specialized Armor from Hux. There are passages in the book description of him that includes references to armor on his boots. While the Figure opens the door to finally do the Armor, the book offers in-depth description of his bits. The figure is just the cheapest parts they could use to make a figure. As illustrated by his cape being on the wrong shoulder. As a Captain he'd have Armored Boots. A Full Size F-11D with Stock. And Pistol on his thigh.
  2. with the black series out.... I thought I would drop in some pro photos of my cardinal.
  3. I attempted a build 2 years ago. Delilah even signed my helmet. Here's some photos of the finished Armor.
  4. Mine is the one up there with Delilah Dawson I finished it back in March. I got to meet to Meet Delilah after and she offered to help with the process. But she also says she wont be doing anymore Cardinal stories as far as she knows.
  5. My Cardinal is Finished and as far as Delilahs reaction goes, she says I look exactly as she wrote him. For me that's all I need. Its her character. He's named after her son. So even if the 501st never approves him, I'll troop with The Twin Suns (also a local LFL Group that requires NO CRL Approval to troop in Armor). It saddens me that they wont though. I have 3 Emails from the GML;s all of which say that without 3 full body representations of him in Photo there will NEVER be a CRL.
  6. Well, Since I don’t watch these boards I had no IDEA we were back to this, but lets cover Kevin’s post one point at a time... ** I signed and agreement with KB stating I would not speak of his business or his business practices and so did he. However his post now voids that agreement so allow me to retort** 1. Kevin moved into the shop under the agreement that he might not be able to pay rent the first few months but would make it up. So I agreed to float him till he was a little more liquid. This never happened. Not because KB couldn’t. But because KB simply wouldn’t. He moved in the first week of December. In the time KB was in my shop he paid rent ONE time. Jsin NEVER paid me rent. In fact every time Jsin shipped something for the shop, I re-embursed him, insisting that it needed to be tracked so that costs could be kept straight. And in Mid January took out an 18K loan from Paypal... with which he bought a couple 3D printers and a VERY expensive Gibson Guitar. (We will come back to this) 2. He is correct. I notified Dana of Anovos we had stuff that Shaun Colquhon had stolen. HOWEVER what KB is *STILL* refusing to acknowledge is that he snuck stuff out of the boxes I was taking to return to recast the parts for himself. To my knowledge the only thing he modified without recasting is the Sholder bells that he straight out traced onto his wood bucks. The knee Caps he currently ships and the Cod Piece I know for certain are recast from the kits because I confronted him about them. That brings us to his “Special new cast TD”. KB Kept one of the Anovos TD’s and their TD Plate. I found this out when he used 1/2 of one of my DragonSkin30 5 Gallon kits to make a mold of it. Many of you still have it. And in fact KB is still shipping the TD Plate because I have seen it in the posts of kits going out as recently as last week. I kept the mold of the TD he did in DragonSkin and I destroyed it. Because I do not support re-casting. When I found this out KB was still in the shop and I made very clear I was not ok with this. KB ignored me. This is why Jsin did all the pulling of Armor, and I did Casting. And I never once rolled or pulled a recast part. I will not do it. FURTHER MORE: KB’s Patrol helmet is a re-cast Black Series helmet. He sold them for 250 each. Over and over again showing he has no problem re-casting. 3. The Discovery job... AGAIN... I took a job from Discovery. I am a working Professional Prop and Costume maker. Discovery Approached ME. I told KB what I thought would work best and KB went so far as to pull bucks from HIS HOUSE out for me to use. HE was offered 1000.00 for the use of his bucks. He would provide no labor, materials or time to it. HE AGREED. The number of suits is immaterial. I told him I would need to use them for a week. And he was so amicable to this he offered several suggestions as to how I would mix and match parts. 4. In the course of “Helping” KB I purchased plastic for him 3 times, I shipped kits twice and I purchased molding and casting materials twice. As he has shown over and over KB does not understand the efficient running of a business. Shipping cac cost upwards of 500.00 to send 5-8 kits depending on where they are going. And Casting materials were a 1000.00 trip every time I went to Reynolds in LA. Trips for plastic from Polymershapes were between 800 and 1000.00 a trip as well. 5. Jsin was offered 25.00 an hour for his work. But he needed to keep track of hours and I wanted him to do 2 10 hour days. He came in for an hour and a half the first day, 2 hours the second and an hour and a half the last. HE was offered cash for it and he insisted that I keep it to help cover KB’s groaning tab. 6. Speaking of his “Growning tab” KB offered infront of several members of the “team” to give me a 3D printer in exchange for some of his debt. I agreed I would take off 2500.00 of the cost as it was a broken and used printer he bought from the company at CES. 7. Let’s cover the “”Flame Trooper” parts kB wants you to believe I “Stole”. KB left in such a huff he left 4 boxes of soft pulled parts in my shop. There is a wide variety of trooper parts and pieces in there. And in order to re-coup costs for my mistake of lending him a dime I will use the abandoned parts in anyway I feel like. 8. As for the split of kits at the end, it was to be 1/3, 1/3, 1/3. KB insisted that after everyone laid out thousands in money for him and were CONTINUEING To lay out money, he be the only person to *GET* money because he couldn’t manage his personal money. When I told him I would not be involved with someone who would not repay his debts, he began trying to covince everyone that this was all me. I grow tired of having to repeat this stuff. At this point KB still cant supply everyone their kits and we’ve sailed right past his promised deadline. And we’ve sailed past it because KB only works till noon everyday and has no money to ship anyone’s kits or buy the resin he needs to cast helmets and greebs. I don’t have to keep telling everyone what a shucks business man he is it keeps getting proven over and over. Anyone who wants to see the screenshots of the coversations I have posted before again, I will happily send them to anyone now that I am no longer held to the agreement I signed with KB (Which can be seen on the Sandbox page as a pinned post) And just for the record, Ive said this before but let me end with this. When KB approached me in March to help him he was not communicating with customers at all. He assured me it was only 7-10 kits he was behind and that 3K would fix that. It wasn’t until *I* started talking to the customers that I found out it was 45+ kits and I FIRMLY believe that, had I not made that number public, KB would still be running his Ponzi Scheme now. For anyone who does not believe me.... 45 kits at an average of 800.00 a piece is 36K 45 kits worth of plastic is 9K (200.00 x 45) He could have ordered Fresh Plastic 3 Times and still have money left over... and tell me, what company do you know that makes you keep defective plastic? Ive been doing Costumes and Props for a decade and there is no company around that will not take back plastic if you can prove its their failing not your own. KB is lying to you. And has been, as far as I can prove, since I foolishly invited him into my shop. More than likely much longer than that.
  7. I completely agree Anzo, And as I told him when he left, if he did not attempt to libel or slander me, I would not discuss his business issues, but the minute he started lying about me, I was left with no choice but to be completely transparent about all of it. Lets be honest, I was an idiot in this too. I lent a LARGE sum of money to someone with a horrid record of business in an attempt to save someone who really had no provable way to pay me back. I never should have done it. But I also shouldn't be publicly assassinated for it. As soon as KB stops posting misinformation, Ill stop correcting it with complete transparency.
  8. Tony if you paid PixelArts, I have a kit for you. If you paid KB then I cant help. But I hope it was a payment to PixelArts... in which case I have a kit for you. Mostly. Contact me at The Sandbox:A PixelArts Studio on FB or at Hal@PixelArtsProps.com
  9. Hey Daniel, I feel like this is too little too late. But I will say it anyway. I have attempted to be transparent about all of the moves I made to try and help KB dig himself out. I offered all the profits from a job I go because I am a Film and TV Prop Master, and let him stay in my shop for MONTHS beyond when I should have kicked him out for not paying rent. Iver re-told this story over and over this AM. I guess thats the price I am going to have to pay for attempting to help out a con man. But here is the full breakdown, with comments, for any and all who wish to know why The Sandbox was unable to help get the kits everyone ordered from KB. That said, there were several ordered from me. And I have a few kits here. I will be filling as many as I can with what is here in the attempt to make sure no one who paid me get screwed. KB took all the bucks with him when he left which is only fair, but the plastic is mine and my partners and KB has claim to none of it. So in short, if you payed PixelArts I need you to message me on Facebook, as I have no more access to the KB Props page, so I can insure you get the kit you paid me for. IF you paid KB, I am truely sorry for your loss. ---------------
  10. Feel Free to read the full breakdown here...------------
  11. The Blaster is mentioned in the book as being the same Red as his Armor, so I took the Captain size F-11D and detailed it just like the trooper scheme but in Red. And from a very credible source Ive learned the movie prop of Phasma's rifle is scaled up 20% to fill Phasma's Arms.
  12. Feel Free to send the writer my contact info: Paul "Hal" Rydberg Hal@PixelArtsProps.com Studio Manager The Sandbox Prop and Costume Master PixelArts Props
  13. Someone asked for pictures? Dec 23. First Appearance of Captain Phasma and Captain Cardinal in the same place.... and World First appearance of Captain Cardinal. The Sandbox, PixelArts Props, and KB Props are to credit for the costume process for both costumes. KB Props supplied the Kit. PixelArts Props built the Kits. The Sandbox is the Facility we all work out of. (Phasma built in 3 weeks, Cardinal done in 1)
  14. Has anyone Finished their Cardinal? Mine will be done this afternoon. To include Cape with Grey stripe on Right Shoulder, Red F-11D Blaster, Red SC-44 Hip Mounted Side Arm and Full Red FOTK Armor. And I have an Accompanying Phasma
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