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  1. Thank you for the time to go over the kit. I’ll review the details and see where I can go. I’m very pleased to get it to EI status , and that most of the build was already there. I’ve got a troop this morning so it will be my first go in the new legs. thanks again.
  2. Just looking for confirmation that the last photo was all that was needed. Thanks
  3. Sorry I realized I uploaded the wrong file. I’ll have it tonight
  4. Thanks Randy, I've been thinking I should do this since the spring. It's nice to have a higher level of polish on the kit.
  5. Ok thanks for the feedback. I honestly didn't expect to get it in one. I knew the legs were a little loose but I was cautious on the cuts. I retrimmed the Legs and the glue is drying so I'll update as I can. Thanks
  6. Davin Aldridge TK 41948 Canadian Garrison Kit: AP Belt: AP Holster: AP Gloves: AP Neck Seal: Custom (Laura Aldridge) Boots: TK Boots E-11 Fans: UKSWRATH Height: 5' 8" Weight: 140 lb
  7. Hey I'm a TK to the Canadian Garrison. If you need anything the community is here to help.
  8. TK 41948 requesting 501st access http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=27606
  9. Just finishing up an AP myself, it is a great kit, have fun.
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