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  1. micromouse

    Need Sandtrooper Help

    Kevin, no one has 'been funny' with you on the UK Garrison forum, please do not feel that. we have been asking similar questions to what is being asked here on FSID. You have access to the UK Garrison forum, indeed you have posted several times on peoples WIPs, and yes you have been asked not to post in certain areas as the WIPS are between the person making the armour, and the armourer, so please post on your own WIP and people will try to help. However attempting to access our forums via multiple accounts, together with posting to multiple email addresses, some of which have nothing to do with building armour just gives us more headaches when trying to help. Building armour to a good standard takes time and a little money. less money means generally things will take longer as you need to learn the techniques to do things yourself. We all started with a simple sharp knife, glue (E6000) and patience. You need to take your time, listen when people try to help and have patience.
  2. micromouse

    WANTED: The Last Jedi Troop Photos

    A few from the European Premier in London - All UKG/501st
  3. micromouse

    DA Props Experiences?

    I’m a DA props TK cleared with the UKGarrison. Do a YouTube search for RWA or Rossy TK build videos he does a great set of videos that got me thorough my build.
  4. TK52517 of the UK Garrison Requesting Access Sir!!! http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25621
  5. micromouse

    4 month to haven't an hasbro conv. from doopy

    I had the same issues but got it eventually
  6. micromouse

    Post Upgrade Niggles

    Sorry please ignore me - it seems I might have had a browser malfunction!!! Wayne
  7. micromouse

    Post Upgrade Niggles

    Are you planing to map old links over to the new? Many many results on google link directly to the old forum links and give a 404 on the new site Wayne