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  1. Well I guess you can as me I am TK1336 and own TK1336.com
  2. Hi, no I don't make FX or any other Armor my Website is for makers to have a place to sell their goods and why I post no prices if no emails are on a item or page then they are no longer making it. Any question just email me. Yes I do make the belt clips from time to time just don't have time to do them now. Rob makes the best Canvas belts and he is on this forum and who I send guys to and yes his email is on my website.
  3. I Second That ! Love mine I sleep with it every night .....lol maybe cause it is in the same room. But all jokes aside He makes the Best Packs I have ever seen. That's why I got one too.
  4. AMEN!!! Pandatrooper Covered it all. Best Just wait and see. Simon suit refers to owners name who has a movie used suit and may start creating molds from it and start production of a New and possibley 100% Movie accurate ANH style suit. That is not a small task to do but a lot of work.
  5. Some guys use a pop rivet on the strap of the Backpack. That how i am going to do mine.
  6. I posted this over MEPD too http://www.tk1336.com/howto.html just scroll down the page you will find it. This is the New Page for it I made the 3 pocket one and the MP40 3 with Tool pouchyou will find a how to on this page http://www.tk1336.com/mp40ammopouch.html
  7. Hummmm. Ok how would you do it if you wanted to install the 6 rivets Left side and the 1 snap top left. My thought was to do it likt the ANH thighs Glue the 1/2 shim say you have a total of 3" gap use a 1-1/2" shim glue to the AB plate butt it up use a 20mm strip on the inside for strenth of cource make an ABS paste apply then once dry sand it down with med and the very 800 gritt fine sandpaper then rubbing compoung and then #2 Polish Do the same for the kidney plate. So then you extrnded the sides of Both the AB plate, Kidney plate and install the 6 rivets there. Now not sure about a Stormtrooper but a Sandtrooper this may woork better.I will let you know that is what I am doing very soon.
  8. The Sholder bells give it away, Not SDS Good Try. Some one may have told him it was SDS when he got it But go to SDS website and see the BIG difference. Even the helmet too, This looks like AFX.
  9. Now The FX was made by one person and then several others copy what he did and then others and so on. So to find a True FX look at the GT is where it all started it all one and the same. Then again I could be Wrong ?
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