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    Anything StarWars, Video games oh BTW you can add me on the Xbox 360 my gamertag is TIS NEMISIS

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  1. Welcome to FISD.... Your work is amazing I hope to see you suited up in no time...
  2. Ok fellow troopers I have returned, I have been very busy within my daily life but as my TK is already complete I will be converting it into a sandy and will be purchasing a new ANH tk set. but its good to be back
  3. Warm welcome from Tennessee, here at the FISD you will find alot of usefull information and feel free to message me if you need any help
  4. i could use an extra 1, shoot me a PM and we will talk the details over
  5. hahaha its deff on my mind wanna PM me some tips on getting dirty lol, plus i need a blaster bad bro...and for cheap, I already own all materials to make my backpack, my e-ll holster is almost complete im building it from scratch, you guys are the first to see pics of me in my armor, I havnt even submitted my garrisons any pics yet to be approved, my MRCE is all taken apart im re-doing it all to be more screen accurate
  6. wooohoooo more pics people : ) PS... I think i wanna change my armor to the "move along trooper" i do like sand troopers
  7. Well here I am...... lol just got done taking it
  8. hahaha thats funny hammer i would give anything to get abunch of troopers and a vader togeather and wreck havoc within the home depot lol
  9. dude most everyone I tell that I stormtroop laughs but others love it, Its good that we all know that thier is some childhood left in us but trust me fellow troopers dont be ashamed of what you do, be honest with people, let them laugh. because you know your happy doing what you do and we have a damn good time doing it. But just be honest and keep your head up
  10. little scratches yes but marks no...... for marks I use white shoe polish and let it dry then put the abs polish over it for a seemless shine
  11. re install firefox and make sure your secutity level is set to medium
  12. "had to wear my FX bucket im doing a MRCE overhaul" "another shot of me with wife, mom only had her cell to take these so yeah, cut unknowns out"
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