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  1. From a quick scan of the instructions it looks like I can upgrade my v2 to v3 by wiring up the BLE module, loading the new sketch, and printing a new case, is that accurate? Thanks for all your work on this. Excited about trying out this new version! PS: the "Forum Thread" link on the website points to the v1 thread, not sure if that is intentional.
  2. TK approved yesterday, requesting Detachment access. Thanks a lot! Profile: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21887
  3. Lots of progress this weekend, thanks to my garrison mates. It turns out that the shins were mislabeled and misassembled. We took them apart (there was some blood shed), and I think we've got it figured out now after trying all the different combinations! We got the butt and kidney connected, kidney and back connected. Shoulder straps and torso done. Arms are done and bicep hooks are in. Thighs are closed up, and shins just need cover strips and velcro. We took the top 2 screws out of the belt and patched the holes. Question about ab to kidney connection: if I'm not going for EIB/Centurion, I don't need the rivets, right? If that's the case, what's the best way to connect with snaps? Should I do individual snaps and elastic, or should I do a solid strip of elastic down the seams with snaps on both sides? Any tips (and diagrams and photos) appreciated! There's still a lot of little stuff to do, but I'm starting to see the finish line.
  4. No exciting pictures, but I wanted to post this anyhow to keep track of my progress. Last week, a member of my garrison hosted another armor party. I showed him what I'd done so far and what my problems were. I decided to keep my armor sized the way it was and pad the arms, since a TK with little toothpick arms would look silly. He trimmed my shins and thighs and I spent most of the day doing internal cover strips. Leaving them out on the forearms was a bad idea - I added one to the problem forearm, and will go back and reinforce the other forearm seams. Using PVC cement, I was able to get the biceps 3/4 done, and shins and thighs 1/2 done, all in one day. Another member banged out a ton of snaps for me, so I'm ready to start putting those down. We also got the snaps for the taint strap set. The last bicep seams are setting now, and then I'll be able to move on to the legs.
  5. OK, here's my first screwup. I guess the cover strip slid around while I was clamping and magneting, and wound up way off center. So the outer forearm is fine, but the inner had very little to grab onto. When I took of the clamps and magnets, the inner just let go. I'm thinking my options at this point are: - try again as-is - pry off cover strip, sand and pick off E6000, start over - put some kind of reinforcement on the inner side to hold it to the outer, basically an inner cover strip I guess - trim off some of the outer side to expose more of the cover strip and try again. would still involve getting the E6000 off somehow - other? Any ideas, I'm all ears.
  6. Started working on the forearms. Put on my gloves and undersuit for a test fit. I trimmed some off, but I have super skinny arms - if I made it really fit I think all that would be left is the raised rectangles haha. If it looks like I am swimming I can always pad it. Put the first 2 cover strips on, being super conservative until I have a better feel for working with E6000 and juggling the pieces. I did half on each arm at a time. I came across kman's build thread, and his pictures made a lightbulb go on for me. There's a few where he's got magnets on the inside and washers on the outside. I never thought of doing that, but it makes a lot of sense. I had problems with magnets flipping on me when I was putting my TIE chestbox together, and this would have resolved that. I've also started marking the poles of my magnets, so that should help too. As of last night, left forearm is done, right forearm the second cover strip is curing in place. 2 seconds after I took this picture, I said to myself "Wait, did I take the plastic off the cover strip?!" Pulled everything off, and... yes, I did take the plastic off. Duh. Wiped off all the E6000, and redid it. I am not doing the interior cover strips some have done. When I did the second cover strip on each forearm, I taped it up from the inside and was glued both sides to the cover strip at once. Worked fine and the tape came right off. I'll try the same thing when I move on to the initial biceps cover strips and see if I can save myself 24 hours of waiting.
  7. Thanks for this! The 20% off code appears at the end of the survey. Come onnnn 6" Chopper!
  8. This probably isn't everything, but it's a good start: http://play.starwars.com/starwars_soundboard/#/?character=stormtroopers
  9. I'll have to hook everything back up when I get home, but I believe it looks like the second half of the file I posted above above, starting with the second instance of "#sound to play...".
  10. Make sure you used a mono 3.5mm Jack and not stereo? <br><br> Adjust all the _gain settings in the config.
  11. Thanks guys. kman, I have your build thread bookmarked!
  12. I'm grateful for all the build threads here to follow along with, but with all the optional changes people make I'm having a hard time finding a definitive list of what MUST be changed on an Anovos TK kit for basic ANH Stunt approval. Any help appreciated!
  13. What size screws should we use to mount the board to the case?
  14. I made a quick change to the code to check if the file exists (and blow it away if it does), but there's still something funky with the format being written and the app doesn't read it properly. File openFile(String filename, int mode) { char buf[filename.length()+2]; filename.toCharArray(buf, filename.length()+2); if(mode == FILE_WRITE){ if(SD.exists(buf)){ SD.remove(buf); } } return SD.open(buf, mode); }
  15. I got my v2 assembled and working, with one issue: when I save my settings, it appends them to the settings file instead of replacing. This causes the whole thing to fail when I reboot. (I just hear kind of a flanged droning sound and no mic input is processed.) I was able to reproduce this repeatedly. Thanks for working on this project. I love how configurable it is. Original config file: After making a change and using "save" command:
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