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  1. Tom Betchley 13800 EIB A4 Tony Many thanks http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/13800-eib.png
  2. Great news! Thank you so much. I’ll crack on with those tweaks over the next few weeks and apply for centurion. Thanks again! Happy trooper right here.
  3. Correct link here. My bad https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23150
  4. Yeah... those pesky gaps will be the death of me haha. Thank you so much. Your kind words are very appreciated.
  5. Think that’s all on the checklist Look forward to hearing from you... and also dreading it haha Many thanks
  6. Accessory detail Neck seal Thermal detonator (back) Holster attachment detail
  7. Helmet details Front Right Left Back Hovi tip detail Lens colour (very dark green)
  8. Armour detail Ab detail Action shot Cod and butt plate attachment detail Inner strapping
  9. Hi guys. Respectfully requesting EIB status. Any and all constructive criticism to get me there welcomed. Will eventually be going for centurion, and aware of a few kinks to iron out, but Thank you for your time. 501st profile link: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23150 Name: Tom Betchley Gairrison: Isle of Wight garrison Height: 6’2” Armour: RWA Helmet: RWA Neck seal: Katie walmsley Canvas belt: Katie walmsley Hand plates: imperial supply depot (painted silicone) Boots: imperial supply depot Blaster: sheartech (rubber e11) Holster: imperial supply depot Full body Front (arms at side) Back (arms at side) Left (arms raised) Right (arms raised) Left (side detail) Right (side detail)
  10. Quoted wrong convo... see! Forums do not like me. Haha.
  11. Awesome. Many thanks. I was just assuming I was doing something wrong as I so often do on forums haha. I’ll keep checking.
  12. Hi guys. Just wondering what I have to do to start a thread on the EIB request thread? I’ve applied for 501st TK access, but still can’t start a new thread. Cheers in advance
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