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  1. Good evening wanting to have access please. Recently approved https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=33475
  2. Where about's would you purchase the Cover joint strips? Or do they come in your kit with the armour? cheers I got an RS propmasters Helmet and Armour Kit the other day just waiting for it to arrive in about 4-5 weeks.... Thanks Anton
  3. Sounds so hard just ordered a TK armour suit from RS Propmasters! Can't wait to receive it.....however I'm quite nervous building it.....Don't have much DIY skills lol.....
  4. You guys think overall that RS Props is the way to go if you have $$$? chur
  5. HA HA I'm on the same page myself lol, Really considering the RS Prop Masters they seem to be the best so far.....Shipping free which is good as I live in New Zealand! Just waiting on my 18th Birthday then can apply for the 501st but wanna get my armour sorted first! what do you think of RS props? chur
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