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  1. Hello all nearly there please don't point out the obvious thanks
  2. Well just the shins to go oh and the buttons it's been fun and scary lol still got to do tube stripes tryed and failed twice lol I blame my kids can't concentrate lol
  3. Does anyone know of anyone in the forest of the Dean as I'm scared to put the ears on lol
  4. Does I matter that the buttons might be a bit cut off as well as flush with edge
  5. Thanks that helps really does
  6. That would of been great to know before I already did it lol plus I'm shore there must have been one like mine
  7. OK here's the pic https://i.imgur.com/TIDREUR.jpg hope this is better
  8. Can't figure the pics out I'm using mobile but if you can see I've done a bit moreMikes stormtrooper build https://imgur.com/gallery/qCNHoEh
  9. Did you see the last pic? Is the gap something I should worry about
  10. Well now I've been redirect Lord knows why this is what I have should I be worried about the last pic and I'll post update pics tomorrow My work https://imgur.com/a/oTRlttq
  11. OK hopefully this works thanks for the help everyone and check last pic I'll give up to date onece tomorrow My work https://imgur.com/a/oTRlttq
  12. I have an rs prop masters anh with all the trimmings lol
  13. Hi all how do I post photos as I want your guys opinion on something
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