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  1. I’m also looking to glue elastic into my shoulder bells. Plan to use E-6000. Here’s my (dumb) question: What do you all recommend for keeping the glue from soaking through the elastic and sticking to the clamp?! Is there something I can/should cover the clamp head with that will pull away easily should the glue get through the elastic? Thanks in advance! :-)
  2. Hello from Holland, Mich.! Already assembled an ANOVOS kit, but I have an RT-MOD kit on order (due end of 2016). Been fun following your build. <br><br> I never noticed this before, but do the RT-MOD kits arrive with an ab plate that is *separate* from the cod? On my ANOVOS kit, the ab and cod are fused into a single plate (which makes it impossible to sit!). <br><br> I'm 6'4", 230 lbs, so I'm hopeful that the RT-MOD kit will fit me better without so much "black" showing. :-)
  3. I bought the military helmet pads like you see on Amazon, but I don't use the "crown" pad because it does make my helmet sit too high on my head. However, I get by just fine without it. I just strategically place the smaller pads on the sides and back. Install them with tape first so you can move them around until you get the fit you like. Then secure with your Velcro or glue or whatever.
  4. There was a time I wish I'd trimmed by cutting out large, continual pieces. I needed to add a shim to lengthen the ab plate (I'm 6'4"). Didn't have a scrap that was long/wide enough. Ended up having to grab a new sheet of ABS plastic from a friend (thankfully the color was very close). But I wish I'd trimmed some of the larger pieces without breaking the scrap into smaller pieces. My sense is your process will come back to reward you. :-)
  5. I'm wondering the same. I'm sure there has to be a how-to on suspenders somewhere on this site. Anyone have a link handy to recommend? :-)
  6. I'm one of the 6'4" troopers Kalani was talking about. Tomorrow I plan to cut the cod from the ab and add about 2" of spare plastic so as to lengthen the ab plate (and give flexibility for bathroom breaks?). Then I pretty much just tease everything else out a little longer so as to hide and/or distribute the amount of black undersuit showing. For example, I attached the sniper knee higher than for Centurion because my entire kneecap was otherwise exposed. I'll hang the thighs strategically to balance the thigh black and knee black. And I heated and bent the shoulder fittings a bit so the chest and back pieces will hang just a tad lower, this forming the proper overlap with the top of the ab plate. In short, ANOVOS is not a ready-made kit for taller people. Lots of mods will be needed. But I'm optimistic the final results will be okay. Still hard to complain about $350 stormtrooper armor!
  7. Experienced taller troopers? I'm 6'4" and I need to lengthen my ANOVOS ab plate to come up and lay under the chest plate. Can anyone point me to guides/tutorials for cutting the ab plate and adding a shim (that I can hopefully hide with the belt)? Much appreciated! :-)
  8. I'm also a taller/larger trooper (6'4", 230 lbs). Just came home from an armor party yesterday, so I got a clearer sense of where I stand with my ANOVOS kit: (1) If you're not rail thin, you'll likely want to stay outside ANOVOS's molded cut lines when it comes to the width of the parts (length is predefined so there's not much you can do there. Then test fit and trim, test fit and trim some more, etc. (2) After a tape-fitting, I have a 3-4" gap between the top of the ab plate and the bottom of the chest piece--that's a no go. I'm on the hunt for options to get back the necessary overlap. My local GML was talking about trying to bend the shoulders a bit so that the chest and back plates hang a little lower (insert joke here). That should bring the ab and chest together, but it'll open up space around my neck. Plus, I've never used a heat gun so I'm out of my element on this. I'm also interested in perhaps splitting the ab plate and adding a 4" shim effectively lengthen the ab plate like somebody suggested above--I guess we just have to place it so that the belt hides it? That might be more straightforward for my skill set because no goofy bending/melting plastic. Do you have any instructions on how to do this? (3) I'll DEFINITELY need to add shims where the ab plate meets the kidney plate. I've got about 1" on either side to fill. I'm on the hunt for tutorials from anyone who's needed to add a bit more waist space. I'm confident that we tall guys can still make our suits fit, but I'll have to adjust my expectations on the speed of the build. This is going to take awhile. Sigh.
  9. Is that the tomsuit you're talking about? Been reading the Amazon reviews, but they're quite mixed. Some say the suit worked for their one-night costume purposes; others say the suit was poorly thrown together in China. Maybe there are many manufacturers and I wasn't looking at the right one? :-)
  10. Both my TK and TD are from RT-MOD. I am just shy of 6ft and weigh about 218 LBS. I squat\deadlift and I need to trim the thighs to get them to fit. Mostly everything elase fit me without having to trim but, I left extra room in the armor so I could layer clothing for cold events. I can fit in my armor with a Lycra Wetsuit layered with underarmor type cold gear. The COD piece I need to trim. It overlaps pretty high under the AB piece. You will probably not have to do this with your height. If you have instagram, look up TK7186 and you can see photos of how the suit looks on me.<br><br> This is most helpful, thank you! I'm on RT's wait list, scheduled for fourth quarter 2016. So I've got some time to think about how best to make this thing fit. ;-)
  11. Hello, fellow resident of West Michigan (I'm in Hollans)! I'm not far ahead of you--should be receiving my ANOVOS TK kit tomorrow. Then it's a race to build it in time for the 3/12 Griffins Star Wars night. Great Lakes Garrison is beyond helpful. I'll look forward to meeting you one day! --Jayson
  12. I thank you kindly for the perspective! I'm not really looking to get fancy with the under suit anyway; just looking to go with the mainstream. :-)
  13. Yeah, the one I got doesnt actually have the gloves, it's just cut off at the wrists. The feet are attached, however.<br><br> Two Qs: (1) I'm curious, if your undersuit has integrated feet, would you still wear socks in your boots, or would you go sans socks? (It probably depends on how roomy your boots are, eh?--so this might be a dumb question.) (2) Is there a requirement for/against the shiny, wet look spandex as shown in that tomsuit link?--does it matter whether the undershirt is shiny or matte?
  14. For those of you who have RT-MOD's kits: What's the real story on the optimal sized person for this kit? I'm tall (6'4"), with average/athletic build (237 lbs), with thicker thighs but fairly well proportioned frame (size 44 long sport jacket). I get that this armor will should likely give the length I'd want but will I be swimming in the waist/chest pieces? Am I better off with a different kit?
  15. Just got an email both from ANOVOS and FedEx that my Black Friday order shipped yesterday, slated to deliver 2/3/16. Seems they caught up fast! :-)
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