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  1. OK, now how do I delete photos that I've uploaded? I started a post, uploaded a couple of images, but when the post errored out (didn't submit), my images were no longer part of the post. I cannot delete the attachments from the attachments page.
  2. I sent payment for an E-11 on January 27, 2021. It's been close to 10 months (300 days to be exact). Still no blaster. Sigh. Sorry to be piling on, but that's no way to do business.
  3. @TheRascalKing I just came across your post. Yup, it's been a very long time and he has my money and I have no blaster. DM me.
  4. Ya know, I'm in San Diego, California, expecting a temperate winter, but the high was 84 degrees Fahrenheit today! What about yours? Looks like you're in Australia?
  5. Longtime lurker here. I'm wondering what are the requirements to be able to post to the For Sale/Trade forum? I'd like to sell my armor. Thank you staff!
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