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  1. This I see an awesome thread, I'm properly enjoying the posts, looking forward to seeing the finished blaster.
  2. This looks awesome Chris, you don't fancy building another one? I have a droopy kit sitting in a box.
  3. I would be very interested in buying one of these once you are up and running, I already have an original set of front and rear lenses, so I can install them.
  4. Maybe you should put where your from in your profile, that way you might find a someone close that has the same interest, there is nothing worse than a nomad stormy.
  5. Awesome build, if you want to sell that counter to fund an original then let me know, as I will be interested.
  6. This looks great Rob, I'm loving the attention to detail.
  7. Now re-listed at buy now for £999<br> What a dreamer!
  8. Welcome Rich, I'm a fellow Brit that is joining the white army.
  9. And an expensive one as well!
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