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  1. I can't wait till this kit is ready! I have been wanting to do this for a while. Please count me in on the first discounted run. Thank you!!!
  2. I am so happy to see her smile. I know all to well what it felt like to be picked on at school at that age. She is going to look fantastic as one of our Lady TK's If she hasn't already her and her mom need to get her signed up on the Galatic Academy so she can have her own number.
  3. I remember seeing Cassie go up the escalator and I noticed that one of her shoulder pieces was off, I thought it was a armor malfunction. I didn't find out till later what was going on. I remember seeing the big guy in the spandex suit come down the oppisit side and then after a few mins he went back up the same way.
  4. Awesome! I was wondering how long it was going to take for the new numbers to start.
  5. Was that the one in the spandex TK outfit with the pull over mask?
  6. This is why I always bought the double disc packs. I have always let the kids watch the extras tid bits showing the how to's. deleted scenes and bloopers, when they were younger. (still do) I find them fascinating and it lets the smaller kids know that it's just entertainment and not real. The only time it didnt' work is with my oldest daughter when she first saw LOTR,TTT and ROTK. Gollum freaked her out and even watching the extra's didn't help. The character was just so well doen. She's now 16 and while she loves the movies Gollum still freaks her out. lol
  7. For some of us the boobalishus plates fit better.. just sayin.
  8. I saw this on facebook this morning. I sooooo want this kit!
  9. working, working, working, makes a trooper a very dull girl.

  10. Brian!!! Happy Birthday!!! sorry I'm a few days late. But you know me, it's never a dull moment around my house. :/ I owe you a hug next time I see you!
  11. LOL I wasn't talking about the outside of the armor. Scratches and scuffs over time definitly add character. I was just referring to the inside.
  12. LOL Nothing there to keep it lower or to much hip that keeps it up higher.. I was able to ware my armor for the Roanoke JDRF walk and that really helped with two other members there to see it side by side. I found out that the elastic attached to the thigh plates are shot and makes them hang to low, which only adds to how high the cod piece looks. Brain is going to try and help me at Air&Scare coming up on the 24th to see if adjusting the straps on the ab plate will help and then take a look and see how much the chest plate needs to be trimmed. Hopefully the less trimmed the better. Thank again guys for all your tips and help. It is MOST appreciated!!!
  13. Awww, she is just absolutely adorable!! My 6 year old son is growing out of his Sears catalog TK costume. I wish I had the ability to make him a helmet like this. Truly amazing work!
  14. LOL Brian. There are some of us "girls" that have the same interest as you guys. But still good question and no harm in asking. My answer, Cause it's fun! and like Ann I am not of the skinny body type for the Slave Leia and no one wants to be seeing any of that. Even when my Dad was visiting this summer and I showed him my Helmet he just chuckled and shook his head.
  15. I found the person who I was seeking and it wasn't yoda. lol But I promise I'll post pictures after the shoot. Looks like it will take place after DragonCon, so I have plenty of time to get my TK adjusted and the new Fem plate in.
  16. hope no one minds, a sample of my star wars fun art work. A few bits and pieces I'v done over the past 3 years. I won't flood everyone with my non star wars work.
  17. 10:46 am edit. Never Mind I found the information I was seeking. Morning Ladies and Gents! I have a question, and hope someone can point me in the right direction. After receiving my armor my husband got a call from a long time friend of ours. He's works for a bike shop in the Myrtal Beach area. He built a bike called the stormtrooper and once he found out I had armor when wants me to go down and do a photo shoot with the bike in the hopes of getting it on the cover of a mag. It's not something I ever expected, but being he is a very dear friend to my husband and myself I'd love to try and help him out. And who knows it could show the world that stormtroopers are just more awesome that everyone thought. So here's my question, I need to locate a Fem trooper chest plate for part of the shoot, but where can I find one? Unfortunately I don't have a lot of money to spend especially since I don't plan on wearing it that often. Any help would be most appreciated! Please feel free to send me a pm. Thanks guys!
  18. Hahaha Thank you for the tips. Luckly I have a friendly home garrison member not to far away that I can bug the hell out of till I get it right.
  19. Thank you very sweetly! I had seen your thread earlier about the chest plate and it was all the talk of cutting and melting and I started thinking about how it could all go very wrong. No guts No glory right? Hopefully I can muster up the currage with a little help from a friend and do it next week.
  20. It's Fitz's old set. If it was Tony's it would be to small for me to ware.
  21. Maybe I should just use peanut butter.
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