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  1. this is my latest RT-97C build during our "Circuit Breaker" time. files are from Thingverse, no moving parts. please enjoy.
  2. thanks guys, to me DLT-19 and its variants are elegant weapons for a more uncivilized age
  3. Thank you mate, I may use it while I finish my tactical scout trooper (non cannon) .
  4. I know DLT 19D is not really a weapon for TK, but its special design really attracts me, I got the file from CG Traders and printed out around half year ago, but the quality was very poor due to wrong setting, as you can see the surface was very rough and ugly. I was quite disappointing so just leave it at corner. during my last sick leave at home (influenza A), I dig it out again and starting to do sanding, hope that I can make it usable. luckily, after several rounds of sanding and few layers of primer / filler, the result was quite good. forgive me that I am not using screen accurate scope, as this is the real scope I can find locally. so the final question is, do I need to build a DT to troop with it? or just troop it with my HWT? have a good weekend ahead.
  5. changed new scratch built antenna and middle tube to make it looks better, antenna is removable.
  6. thanks mate, my HWT was approved in 2017 , but I will inform the new HWT applicant in our garrison not to attach anything extra on the backpack while taking approval photo.
  7. rebuilt my scratch build HWT pack, - replaced all face plate with 3d printed parts, thanks to KM PROPS - screw on 2 elastic straps at side of HWT pack so can carry extra short weapon when trooping - later will update my antenna setting so it won't look like free-WIFI or digital TV signal sharing station.
  8. photo of left side https://flic.kr/p/267e9Ep belt feed plate : my first attempt was using a PVC sheet, but cannot simulate the "fold" look, so eventually I use epoxy putty and some "clay technique" to make one, not perfect, but so far very happy about the outcome. https://flic.kr/p/267e9Cv
  9. thank you sir, you have sharp eyes, yes, the second pic and last pic are not the same one as last pic is the 5th DLT 19 I built with major correction: size reduced to 99.1% to original model and enhanced the screw to make them detachable. charging handle : afraid nothing can do at the moment as the hole on the body is fixed belt feed plate : I am making a "fake" belt feed plate and will see how it goes with it, reverting. will take a picture at left side asap
  10. file bought from CG Trader, did some minor adjustment to have workable bipod real scope is detachable total weight about 2.3kg (with scope) / 2kg (without scope) so easy to carry for long trooping, hopefully can troop with it soon print settings : print speed : 7000mm / min main blaster body / barrels : Perimeter : 3 / top&bottom solid layer : 3 / 15% infill / rectilinear infill screw part setting : Perimeter : 7 / top&bottom solid layer : 3 / 20% infill (higher does not help) / full honeycomb infill raft : yes
  11. Looks great ! I got a resin DLT19 but too heavy for me, will make a 3d printed version soon.
  12. This is the one I used, so far very happy about it https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2274864 I purchased some files from CG Traders too, but some of them need to adjust its size before printing (I adjust my DLT 20 90% to its original file size)
  13. I use this one, so far I am very happy about it https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2274864 this is my 3d printed blaster body with real scope, in R1 K2so's scope was installed opposite side, below picture is sideshow K 2SO's blaster. I keep its original position so I can use the scope (for what? maybe can see some hot girls I hope)
  14. started to explore 3d printing half year ago, now changed to a higher end 3d printer, which I'm very happy about it ~ most important is that I don't need to worry about customs / shipping fee / tax anymore: allow me to show off here : 1. SE 14R with real scope: 2. Merr-sonn Power 5 (conversion parts only) 3. DH 17 4. DLT 20A exploring to print out T 21B / DLT 19... etc, too many project ahead of me now.
  15. thanks for sharing, most of my materials are from scratch, so size maybe a little off material list: base : Amazon Garage boss oil drilling pan upper-left box : 1 dollar shop Cosmetic box upper-left box greeblies : 1 dollar shop 3d sticker middle cylinder : 1 dollar shop chopstick holder upper-right box : unwanted Casio watch box lower-left box : unwanted tool box lower-left box greeblie : unwanted laptop rubber stand middle-right box : ice cream box lower-right cone : unwanted plastic cup + 1 dollar shop plastic cup antenna tube : pool noodle with special treatment antenna cap (up and down : cotton swabs holder Antenna: stolen from 4g router at home TK Shoulder strap : made by myself using epoxy putty the good thing is these boxes are still usable, I can use this backpack to store my patches / coins while not trooping. while trooping I can carry extra Velcro / heat glue gun...etc for emergency repair
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