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  1. I have 501st access, requesting detachment access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=19650
  2. I ended up spraying the front of mine and left the back green so the paint didn't rub off on the armor... but look at it this way... its a good way to weather your armor! =D
  3. I troop as a Heavy Weapons trooper, and would love to get my hands on a patch, or even a new one if its created.
  4. Yub gotcgya... Know about the drop boxes... Know about the TD... All that's in the CRL. Just no mention of a holster hence why I asked.
  5. What I was planning on, wanted to double check
  6. Greetings folks, as I am in the middle of my TK build, which I intended to use as both a stunt ANH TK and a TK HWT, I am finding myself hitting the question with regards to the holster. The HWT CRL does not say one way or another on this item, so I was hoping to get clarification from the command team on this. Thank you for your time
  7. So, back from disneyland... Season of the Force was amazing, as were all the displays they had in the launch bay. I stood in line to see the Vader they had, which was nothing to shake a stick at. I spent all the time sitting there running through my head all the things that were wrong with the armor. I have over 100 photos up on my facebook page, if you are interested, drop me a line and I'll link you to it. Before I left I was able to get a few things done on the pack. Everything except the cone was glued down and a couple of items were secured with screws as a backup. Before that I managed to get the vent slats glued in... not as good as I would want, but for a first time doing something like this, I think it is a good thing. When I got back, I finished screwing everything in and got into work on the rest of the cone. Before I left, I rolled and glued the cone piece. When I got back I cut it to size and finsihed fitting it. Tonight I rivited it in and shot it with primer. I just now hit it with the first coat of paint (not pictured). Here is a shot of the cone drying... Getting the tube attached was a pain in the a very impolite person because of my big hands in such a small space. Getting everything to line up was deffently interesting but here is a photo of the pack minus the cone. Left to do is to put the padding on the back, get the straps attached, I also want to put some sort of screen on the upper part of the radio box. I am not sure about weathering yet, still have to do some research on that.. Here is the work so far...
  8. thanks guys... wasn't planning on painting the main body of the pack. Was trying to take the shine off last night was just to loud. Thank you for the tip on the padding, I had thought about that a few weeks ago but had forgotten about it until now. Also thank you for the feedback on the ammo pouch and the attachment of the components. As for the cone on th bottem, still working on that part. Thats the last thing then I am going to start putting everything together.
  9. Tony: I did scuff it. Must not have been enough. Either way it got figured out. Anyway, after a long week at work, picked up a OT shift last saturday then got our tails ran off (I work on a paramedic ambulance in one of the most dangerous cities in the country) for sunday, monday, and tuesday on top of school, wednesday was my only real day off... until today. I was supposed to work an overtime shift tonight, but they called me off. So, down to work after the wife and kiddo went to bed... Finally was able to get the final juice cap glued down onto the radio box tonight. I hope to shoot the entire thing with primer and paint tomorrow. I managed to get the vent slats cut, shot with primer, and painted (not pictured). I litterly just dropped the paint on them ten minutes before posting this, so they are going to dry over night. I also got the vent space cut out of the top of the vent, along with the slat spacers (black slips to the left). I also go a cup cut down with the top and the bottle cap glued on. Its a perfectly round cup, not like the one used in the tutorial, I'm not sure how much I'm going to like it, but I'm going to try it and find out. Just did that tonight, havn't had the chance to prime/paint yet. I also was ablel top prime/paint both the buttons and the pannel under them. They are still tacky, so will glue them down later. QUESTION; you folks use the adhesive on the back of them or did you glue them down? Anyway, here is the photo... And because I was anticipating working a 8p-8a shift, I took a nice long nap in the afternoon... having more time on my hands, I broke out the main body of the backpack. I got the spout threads cut off and also cut out the back piece. I am waiting on my anovos order, so I'm going to try to see if I can barrow a back piece from a local garrison member so I can start working on the strapping that I also purchased today. I think I'm going to modify the strapping a bit and place buckles on both sides for easy adjustment and on/off, but that is another day. Here is what I have so far, attena attached, still have to skuff the shine off the plastic, just to loud to do with folks asleep... And for my last photo tonight... I went in and cleaned up the whipes container, thank you for the tip on that. I also placed what I have together so far on the pack where I am probably going to finish it up. Something I might need some guidance on. Did you glue the pieces down then attach them with screws? I think thats what I'm going to have to do in order to keep things lined up and straight, and was wondering what other people did. Here is a picture of what I have now and the general placement where I'm going to have things, the top of the cup is still drying, didn't want to lay it on its side... Won't be doing much next week, we're going on vacation do disneyland for a few days. If anyone reading this is going to be there, drop me a line, would love to meet up for a meet and greet. Stay sane folks.
  10. Update week 2: Ended up going back to work last friday so tonight has been the first time I've been able to do anything in five days. Manged to get the boxes almost all the way done, and got the wipes container done. Not to my liking, but for my first venture into prop building, I'm not going to complain to much. Wipes container: Thank you Joseph... you were right. For those who are doing research into doing a pack like this, take heed... the primer that Tony puts in his items needed list does not work on plastic. After I had primed the container, I let it dry over night, hit it with the silverfox, and let it dry over night. The next day when I went to go tape off the area that needed to be painted black, the tape pulled the primer and the paint right off the container. So, after another run to home depot, I managed to get a primer that binds to plastic. After scraping off the old stuff, then repriming and repainting, I managed to get the area taped off and painted. I had a little run of paint on a couple of areas under the tape. If I get a bur under my a very impolite person, I might try to fix it, but as of right now, I'm happy with it. Plastic Food Containers: Not only were these a pain in the a very impolite person to source, they proved to be a pain in the a very impolite person to cut. The very thick plastic that makes up the containers ended up breaking two of my exacto knives when I tried to take the lip off. In the process I managed to slip and put a nice little cut into my left thumb that required a trip to the doctors office so they could throw some medical superglue in. In the end, I ended up using the hacksaw which was able to cut through the plastic with a bit more ease. I sanded down the edges and attached them to the parking sign. I cut those out, and attached it to the black art paper and screws. I threw a coat of primer and paint on everything then realized I still had one thing I needed to do to two of them. I still have to put the vent covers on and I just finished cutting out the arch cut out. Which was hard to do without measurements, so I had to eyeball it. They are a little off from being exact, but I'm happy for a first time. That part is drying as I type this. More to come.
  11. It has been a while since I've posted here, and it seams my thread got hijacked for something completely differnt. Time to take it back. =D So I have almost all the components needed. After months of asking around and also many trips to lowes/home depot. I am still waiting on a couple of pieces for the radio... as you can see in the photo below, its missing the knobs. THose are currently on the apple juice containers that we just purchased today at costco that I have to wait on. I am also holding off for a bit on getting the buckle and the strapping to create the harness, but over this last week I have been a little busy. As you can see in the photo I have the tube finished. The ribbing is from Walts Trooper Factory. It did deform some in the process of heating it, but its not so bad that I wouldn't have used it. The tube has been cut and painted. I just took the bands off, and am going to let the glue finishing curing over night. Other then that that part is done. The radio box has been cut to size. I also cut the top apart and glued it onto the back (not pictured) The screws are in place, and I just glued down the top framework. Once the glue dries on that, I am going to put it aside until the juice lids are ready. From there I intend to glue those down, hit the entire thing witih a coat of primer, then hit it with the black. Honestly, the build itself is going at lot faster then I thought it would. Or it could be I have had the last week off. But I did get my first four troops in. Managed to do four events in less than 40 hours in my ID. Still cannot wait for anovos to finally ship the TK's. My only hope is that they do not have the problems shipping these ones that they did on the TFA TK kits. Until nexttime folks!
  12. Requesting 501st access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=19650
  13. So I just got a email from the place I ordered the Tupperware from, they are unable to fill the order. They still show available on amazon, but I am not really keen on paying $50+... Would someone be willing to post the height, length, and width that they used for theirs? Thanks...
  14. do you have any links to images of your pack for comparison?
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