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  1. When I did my side shims I brought a sheet of white abs from the model shop for 99p and it was very close to my armour colour, so this really is a cheap mod to do people
  2. Im waiting for the snow to fall as im sure Mark (firebladejedi) will be sliding down some hill on his armour to add to the weathering
  3. THe only sure way is to have it painted a nasty bright colour. Ive had blasters through in the normal colour, but I guess its a little bit of luck involved also
  4. Welcome to the FISD matey, make sure you do lots of homework before buying your armour. Plenty of great info on here for you to digest Marcel
  5. Ive owned 2 sets and 2 hero helmets, one of them had a few imperfections in it, so I picked all the good bits for my TK and the less good bits went onto my sandtrooper. I did notice it can come thin in some places, which isnt good. I love it though, its a really nice armour just damn pricey
  6. HI mate, glad you made it over here, loads of info here for you to read. I see you caught up with Firebladejedi lol! I didnt realise you was the blue geezer at the NSC movie mania, I was the pred then you took a picture with Me and wolverine
  7. I just wish 100% someone would point me to a picture that will get me 501st and EIB acces and then IL load the spary gun, im abit nervous as were talking about £1500 worth of SDS I dont want to mess up and get wrong <_<
  8. So we can get Expert Infantry status in Stunt helmets aswell, this would be my prefered helmt style anyway as I hate bubble lenses
  9. So will the EIB standard be allowed for 501st clearance Im sure it is, I would wanto go for EIB in mine
  10. What about the hand plates are most panting these blue or leaving them white <_<
  11. Looking at that its definately a stunt helmet, those are the pics my deputy gml posted
  12. Re-guarding helmet, is it Hero or stunt as Ive seen both mentioned? I would prefer to take the bubble lenses out of my helmet as the flat green are easier to see through It says stunt in the first post so possibly would have to cut anouther tooth in my bucket to
  13. Do you also have reference to the chest and back markings please?
  14. Our deputy GML posted up some pics of the Commander that is supposed to be the 501st accepetd style and it was basically the same as the slide show varient. This is abit worrying if your saying its supposed to be different as im about to spray a SDS set of armour
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