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  1. Personal preference, really. The ones I have don't have any kind of extra grip. I looked up my order, but it looks like they don't sell those particular gloves anymore.
  2. Just do an Amazon search for Cut Resistant Gloves. Don't get the cheapest ones you can find, but there's no real need to splurge either. The pair I got when I started building my kit saved my thumb... Any time you're working with a hobby knife or scoring and snapping, make sure you're wearing at LEAST one on your off-hand. They don't work if they're not on.
  3. Scroll back up to my previous post... the PDF I linked to is this entire thread, minus other peoples comments, with all the pictures included. The reference material is intact!
  4. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-d8yBFyd0CgWGtmSWx6ZHRjbFE/view
  5. Good work, Mike! The industrial strength adhesive is strong enough after a day. No extra glue needed. Yes, the hard side needs to face outwards or you'll rip up your undersuit and boots. (:
  6. 50 for me so far! https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/47904-62-tk-44678-troop-log/
  7. 1 Red Cross Blood Drive (Virginia Zoo) 8/2/2015 2 Norfolk Tides baseball game 8/22/2015 3 Be Bold, Go Gold 8/29/2015 4 Force Friday (Toys R Us) 9/4/2015 5 NekoCon Panel 11/6/2015 6 Battlefront Release 11/16/2015 7 Virginia Beach parade 11/21/2015 8 Richmond Christmas Parade 12/6/2015 9 CHKD Visit 12/14/2015 10 The Force Awakens Thursday 12/17/20915 11 The Force Awakens Friday 12/18/2015 12 Polar Plunge 2/6/2016 13 Ramage Halfway party 3/15/2016 14 TFA DVD Release 4/5/2016 15 Got CUREage 5k 5/14/2016 16 Norfolk Tides baseball game 5/28/2016 17 Weird Al Concert 6/21/2016 18 VA Comicon 6/25/2016 19 TSgt Noll Retirement 7/15/2016 20 CHKD Lemonade stand 7/22/2016 21 Picketing Star Trek Beyond 7/22/2016 22 Ramage Homecoming 7/24/2016 23 Gloucester County Comicon 8/13/2016 24 Go Rogue Toys R Us 9/30/2016 25 Out of the Darkness walk 10/15/2016 26 Air and Scare 10/22/2016 27 VA Comicon 10/29/2016 28 Nekocon 11/5/2016 29 Brandon's birthday 11/20/2016 30 CHKD Wes's Wish 12/12/2106 31 Rogue One Thursday 12/15/2016 32 Parks Orthodontist movie 12/22/2016 33 Noon Years Eve, Living Museum 12/31/2016 34 Polar Plunge 2/4/2017 35 Louie's celebration of life 3/10/2017 36 Machine Gun USA 4/12/2017 37 Celebration 501st pics 4/15/2017 38 Scarif shoot 4/16/2017 39 Virginia Symphony Orchestra 5/4/2017 40 Tidewater Comicon 5/13/2017 41 Segway Tour 5/21/2017 42 Retirement ceremony 6/23/2017 43 Tidewater Winds concert 7/26/2017 44 Music Under the Stars 8/3/2017 45 GISHWHES bus pictures 8/8/2017 46 Master Chief Retirement ceremony 8/11/2017 47 Lindner Wedding 23 Sept 2017 48 Star Wars Reads Day 10/14/2017 49 Hampton Comicon 10/21/2017 50 Trunk or Treat 10/21/2017 51 Military Family Festival 10/22/2017 52 CCMS Thompson Retirement Dinner 11/2/2017 53 Aaron's Make a Wish Sendoff 11/19/2017 54 Wiliamsburg PTA Day 12/11/2017 55 TLJ Troop - Paragon 12/14/2017 56 Polar Plunge 2/3/2018 57 St Baldricks 2/24/2018 58 Ultimate Saber Quest 3/24/2018 59 Paint Night 5/4/2018 60 Polar Plunge 2/2/2019 61 Jr. Hero and Villian Con 4/13/2019 62 Oscar Strong 5/11/2019
  8. I can honestly say that I have never had that problem. If you’re using enough E-6000 to bleed through un-stretched elastic, safe to say you’re doing it wrong. (:
  9. ANH stands for "A New Hope", aka Star Wars: Episode 4. First Order armor is going to be either TFA or TLJ. You will only find fan-made versions of that for now... I don't think the screen-used kits have been scanned and recreated exactly yet (but I could be wrong!).
  10. So technically, the frown paint that Anovos starts with doesn't match the CRL helmet picture, even though it matches the text. I think it's probably fair to ask for the applicant to match the CRL picture if possible... Of course, some of the pictures in the CRL are absolutely wrong for higher levels (knee armor riveted on, etc)
  11. Go to Home Depot and buy a plastic "For Sale" sign. They work great for internal strips.
  12. Yeah, E6000 takes a long time to dry. Let it! Your "test fit" pictures were only 3 hours ago, so I know you didn't give it near enough time. Also, for the shins especially, I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend putting in an inside strip on the front. There will be a lot of flexing there, and you want it to be as strong as possible. Then don't try it on for at least a full day. (: Oh, and from the pictures, it doesn't look like you used enough glue either. Slather it on there. You can peel up anything that oozes out.
  13. #2 pencil, candy cane... whatever you have handy. Looking good!
  14. Hey Mike, great job on the painting and trimming! I figured out why your grey doesn't look so clean. Humbrol paints NEED to be shaken, and then stirred to get the pigment mixed in with the base really well. Shake the little jar for a minute, then open it and stir it up some more with a toothpick before dipping your brush. You'll be amazed at how much better the paint goes onto the plastic. As far as the vocoder, you should be using the semigloss black (or satin black)... That looks really shiny, are you sure you're in the right jar? (: Positioning of the mic tips looks great!
  15. I met Mike tonight and we had an impromptu armor party. We got his arm pieces all trimmed down and ready to glue... I gave him some tips about trimming and using Lexan scissors... at the end of the night, I wanted to show him the light at the end of the tunnel, so we made him into a blue tape trim trooper!
  16. Two years later (almost exactly!!) and I found and purchased a beautiful TK saber. It's from Arm on Fire Custom Sabers on Facebook, there was about a 4 month wait (he got an order for 6 sabers at once, which took a lot of time, of course). Here's the video the maker made, showing it off... This also serves as a POC for anyone who wants to buy their own. https://www.facebook.com/ArmOnFireCustomSabers/videos/1436817806401941 I built a quick and dirty belt attachment for the Covertech clip that fit the 1.5 inch belt clip part, as well as kept it centered on the plastic plate by way of a couple cap rivets around the belt clip portion. It's attached to my belt through the top two chicago screws that normally hold on my holster. The bottom two screws are just hanging out. It works a lot better than a pool noodle!
  17. TK-42176 did just that! There were a ton of modifications needed for it, though. But man, it looks good!
  18. Hey Fab! Surprised you haven't gotten any comments here, but then I remember Celebration, and suddenly not so surprised. (: The overlap method is not right anymore, so the coverstrip in your last two pictures is perfect. Nicely rounded edges will help to keep it from digging into your arm too. Hyperfirm B-grade blasters are good for EIB/Centurion, but you'll have to add the D-ring to the back. There's a spot for one, you just have to drill very carefully into the part where the D-ring goes, and add it in yourself. So far, it looks like you're on the right track, though! You've obviously been doing your research! (:
  19. The last time I emailed Troopergear, it took about 6 days for a response. Patience is the watchword in the world of building armor!
  20. Welcome to the club! Take lots of pictures, post lots of questions, tons of people here to help you out.
  21. AM2 and RT-Mod are still around, and would work very well for you, probably. The first post, even though it dates back to 2010, remains constantly updated. Maybe whoever updates it should put a big text block up at the top that says "Current as of XXX date"...
  22. A year later... and I did something I never thought I would. I let someone else troop in my armor. To be fair, he did let me troop in his too. I think it was a fair trade.
  23. Thanks for sharing! I'll be doing something like this (but probably not 6 or more coats of any single level.... That seems excessive to me) on my TFU-TX to turn black plastic silver and grey. The only thing I'm concerned about now is that my armor is acrylic capped ABS, so it has a layer of acrylic on top that the paint will have to bind to. I'll be testing on scraps and some of the spare cover strip material I was given, for flexibility, scratch resistance, and reflection (after all, the point of all this is to have reflected lights on it!) So again, thanks for boldly going. (:
  24. Silver and lights like the very very first pictures in this thread. (:
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