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  1. TK-45140 requesting access! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23992
  2. I was finally able to finish my 3D printed clip over the weekend:
  3. Any idea when this is coming? Looking forward to seeing what you did for weathering before I get too far on my build!
  4. Another question for the group before I get started on mine: what's the consensus on painting the lego brick? Flat black?
  5. Great job on this! Any thoughts on the dye being too dark? The pack in the pictures above looks great, but much lighter than the one in your dye pictures.
  6. I put together a 3D printed clip for myself and made it available if any of you are interested. It ends up being cheaper than the real thing depending on the material you pick: Complete clip (single piece): http://shpws.me/MVrF 4 piece kit (lets you mix and match materials): http://shpws.me/MVym http://shpws.me/MVyu http://shpws.me/MVyD http://shpws.me/MVyp
  7. Would anyone be willing to take a couple measurements of the hook? I'm thinking of modeling one for 3D printing.
  8. It was wondering if it was something more similar to this: ---------- Dimensions match up really closely (box is 30cm + 40cm + 30cm = 39.4", bag is 41").
  9. How confident are you that that's the exact one? The dimensions look HUGE compared to the actual pack - think they just pinned the excess underneath?
  10. This US store has the box in stock. The picture on their website doesn't show the center piece, but I called to confirm that it's included with the box. I got mine in on Wednesday and everything looks great! https://colemans.com/shop/containers/norwegian-military-waterproof-airtight-storage-box/
  11. Is this a medium or large pack? I'm leaning towards large because the center pouch is wider than the other two.
  12. moldycrow

    Swag Toss

    The possibilities are endless! Bossk?
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