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  1. I emailed him on 18 May and I still haven't received a response.
  2. Thank you all for the sound advice and kind words. I have placed my name on a waiting list for a kit, 4-5 month wait, and I'm excited to start helping out with my local garrison. I've been in contact with my garrison and they assigned me a mentor, I plan on thoroughly picking his brain! Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  3. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. I have decided that I will be going with ANH Stunt for my first TK kit. I followed the links that were provided earlier in the thread to a verified vendor and I was curious as to what questions I ought to ask the vendor to insure that I am happy with my purchase. I figured that I ought to give the vendor my height, weight, waist size and that I should find out what the cost would be.
  4. I probably should have mentioned that, I want to build a set of OT TK armor.
  5. I became interested in the 501st a few months before my first Celebration, 2017, I decided to join up after the 501st presentation and meeting TK 81018 of Star Garrison STX Squad. I joined the New England Garrison almost a year ago but was unable to participate with the Garrison immediately after joining due to a load of crap life threw my way and having a 2nd kiddo. I plan on being active now and I would like some advice on where to start! I'm going to start reading as many of the threads as I can to get a head start and I can hardly wait to start meeting new folks!
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