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  1. Welcome. From what pictures I have seen and read on RS they make some sweet stuff. I was recently looking at a Scout Helmet they make to accompany a set of scout armor I have. I already have a helmet that came with my armor, but I love the accuracy of theirs. Good luck on your future endeavors with your armor.
  2. Congratulations and welcome. Armor bites are not fun. I get one right behind my right knee. After long days, there will be broken skin and blood, but its all worth it.
  3. Looking good. I’d follow the advice of those that have commented to get your armor looking even more sweet. We hope to see you at EI and Centurion in the future.
  4. Welcome to the FISD. Like others have stated, there is lots of great information on these boards. Have fun on your TK build.
  5. TK-42134

    What do you have?

    So far I only have ANH: S. But after much deliberation, I have decided to do a Scout. I ordered a Helmet and Armor Kit from Studio Creations, and it should be here the first week of November. I have all soft goods material and need to put it together, tailor my flight suit, and make my boots.
  6. Joseph, sorry to hear that things haven’t been pleasant for you. Like others have stated, it’s great that you are still able to participate on the forums, as you are a valuable resource. Keep your head up, and things will certainly get better.
  7. Welcome sir. Great job on your sons costume. Im sure you'll have no issue building your own kit. This is the best place on the web while doing that.
  8. I agree with everyone, the price is too high. You can probably find it cheaper elsewhere.
  9. Welcome to the FISD. I also have an Anovos Kit. I am 6’2” and currently weigh 235. When I first submitted for approval, I weighed about 245, and put shims in, and made minor modifications. It works fine, but if you want to go for the highest level of accuracy, which I recommend you do, shims cannot be visible. If you do put shims in, it will take some work to make them “disappear” using ABS paste. I’d like to make mine go away but haven’t had time for it yet.
  10. 1. The Great Reno Balloon Race 9/9/18 2. Lodi Library Con 9/23/18 3. Hallowild at Micke Grove Zoo 10/20/2018 4. Boo at the Sacrmento Zoo 10/26/18 5. Mike Smyth Memorial Holiday Party 12/8/18 6. Stockton Wintercon 1/20/19 7. Star Wars Night at Stockton Arena 3/2/19 8. Musicfest at Rodriguez High School 3/13/19 9. Star Wars Day at Sacramento Zoo 4/27/19 10. Stocktoncon 8/4/19 11. Weird Al Strings Attached Tour 8/11/19 12. The Great Reno Balloon Race 9/7/19 13. HalloWILD at Micke Grove Zoo 10/18/19 14. HalloWILD at Micke Grove Zoo 10/19/19 15. Boo at the Zoo at Sacramento Zoo 10/26/19 16. HalloWILD at Micke Grove Zoo 10/26/19 17. Rise of Skywalker Opening Night at Folsom 12/19/19 18. Star Wars Day at Fresno State 1/4/20
  11. Welcome. I also have an Anovos kit. Good luck on your build. You are definitely in good hands here.
  12. Hello Ken, I recently decided I wanted to build a Scout too and am a member on the 501st Pathfinders site. Everyone is very helpful on the site, just like on here, and will be willing to help you in anyway.
  13. I have recently seen a newly approved Patrol Trooper on the Pathfinders Forums.
  14. Welcome, it will be great to have another trooper in the ranks.
  15. Welcome and congratulations on your approval.
  16. I am so excited for you. Congratulations. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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