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  1. Thanks. All good now. It's never been a problem before in my 5 YEARS since FOTK approval... And while I don't post much I regularly log in and check things out, so it's not that either. So yes, sounds like it is something odd on the backend. Please let me know what you find out or if you need anything from me. Thanks, Ruark Sent from my SM-N975U1 using Tapatalk
  2. Hey WTH, did I get purged off of the Detachment Only threads or am I stupid and can't find the election threads? Reinstate me or point me to the not-obvious election info please? Ruark #8387 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=14397&costumeID=326
  3. The red armor and cape would look great! You should get on the build and do it. If I had a second kit, I'd be interested in that too... With that said, I don't see why with that artwork and story in the new canon, this couldn't be approved. Per the linked rules above you do need the multi angle visual references, however, as noted in the 7/13 McQuarrie update, this would be a good case where that rule could be applied - the backside should initially be "obviously inferred" - due to the cape - as a normal fotk (not withstanding what the novel may describe - I haven't read it.). From the art he looks just plain ol' fotk in red, and a cape... And then, well if something further comes out in comics or he shows up in the movie, then update the CRL - remember we should be encouraging and inclusive to everyone and be common-sense flexible - without sacrificing quality and Legion integrity with all these new characters and canon that are coming on fast... Plus if Phasma is FISD, why would an equivalent character have to be Spec Ops? Good luck! Transmission relayed by my DROID...
  4. Hey All, I'm one of the couple of people Imperial Boots sent a pair of TFA First Order Stormtrooper gloves to for review. I am part of the Alpha 75 wave and had my armor done at Celebration. Link to my photos of the gloves on Flickr I got the gloves in the mail just today. They were packaged with a pair of TFA boots, which I just posted a review for here. The gloves were in a simple plastic bag I think with an IB business card as well. The bag was marked with XL and matched the tag on the left glove. Francois threw these in the box of boots for me before letting me know he was sending me goodies, so the XL's are too big for me - I need a small. However, regardless of the size, the gloves look great. The white palm leather is soft, as is the black leather on the edges of the fingers. The material for the back of the gloves is nice and has a little stretch, and the cuffs are wide and stretchy elastic. The cuffs will be nice to fit well under the forearms of the armor and to conceal the wrist. The gloves have the double black stitching and the palm pads that from what I understand are spot-on for the screen-used gloves. The stitching looks nice and clean all around. I turned one glove inside-out (did not take a pic of this) and the construction looks good. There is an added inner fabric layer over the leather palm that provides the backing to sew in the palm pads. But they are not otherwise lined on the inside - which you wouldn't want anyway. One comment would be the size tag on the left cuff - if this is to be included in the final product this will need to be carefully cut out of the seam so not seen when wearing the costume. It could be suggested that the tag would be better served if placed inside and be black instead of white - then it would not need to be removed. Otherwise another method for marking size may be better for the customer. Also when looking close at the palm pad stitching, the 1/2" or so of overlapped stitching is noticeable. I don't know if it is accurate to the screen gloves or not - or really matters - but that is very minor in the overall look of the gloves and would not be noticeable to anyone at distance and should not be an issue - its just a detail that stood out to me. The real key is that the pads are there and are now the correct shape, the double stitching is right, and the index finger cutout and stitching appears correct as well. Finally, I understand from the previous posts that the final products will have velcro sewn into the back of the gloves for the armor handbacks. This pair did not have that included, but that will be a nice feature and then not require the customer to do any additional modifications. A question I'd have then is what velcro will that be on the glove? That would need to be made clear so the customer knows what to expect and knows what to use for the handback. I personally would want the industrial strength-sized hook side in black on the black glove, as I have the white loop-side velcro on my white handbacks already, but that's just me since my armor is done already, and I will adjust as necessary to a new pair of finalized gloves. Overall, these gloves look great, are well constructed, and nailed the accuracy. I'll wait for another pair of the correct size for me and will pass these off to another trooper. Thanks Francois and Imperial Boots for a great product to help us towards getting the TFA First Order trooper costumes complete as close to screen accurate as we know at this point.
  5. I have a feeling that we're going to see troopers in Ep7 banged up, scratched up, weathered, etc... I'm not going to mess with a clear coat, nor try to keep the armor completely pristine. But if I were, yea staying in the same brand is important as well as making sure the armor is clean from dirt/oils (fingerprints) as well as the right temp/humidity conditions to prevent spidering and other defects. So for now letting my armor naturally weather/get dinged up from normal trooping is my plan, and should be plenty canon come December... [emoji6]
  6. 8387 requesting 501st access... http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=14397 Thanks, Ruark
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