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  1. Hi, not sure why, but my EIB award is showing as "rebels" can anyone fix this for me? Thanks
  2. I think that there is generally less of a community on here for the First Order. Noticeably it took 3 weeks to get FN level 2 clearance (2 days for my TK), which suggests something of a lack of resource assigned to these costumes? I think recognising the FN prefix and maybe changing the name to the FOSD might help Just kidding, put the pitchforks away!
  3. Thanks, my blaster won't meet Centurion, but it's on my to-do list
  4. Thank you sir Been trooping it for a couple of years, only just found out there was a EIB programme for TFA
  5. Name: Rowan Read Height: 5'8" Weight: 144 lbs FISD Name: zebedee Legion ID#: 12111 Profile Page: 501st Profile Garrison: UK Garrison Build Information Armor Maker: Anovos Helmet Maker: Anovos Boots: Imperial Boots Gloves: Imperial Boots Electronics: ICOM + Aker Neck Seal: Anovos Blaster: 3D Printed Build Thread: UKG Build thread
  6. Ok some more important questions; If I have a ship in the tractor beam, can it go to lightspeed? Can a ship go to lightspeed from stationary in a hanger bay? Can a ship at lightspeed slow down enough to pass through a planet wide shield? I think the designers of any new massive space weapons need to give this some thought....
  7. Wow, what a year! I joined the legion in February, with my first troop on Valentines, and it's been amazing! I'd dreamed of being a stormtrooper since I was little, but the reality of trooping with the UK Garrison, and the 501st Legion was much better than I could have dreamed. I've done over 50 troops in my first year (luckily I was able to do over half with my wife), and cleared three costumes. The highlights for me; Legoland Windsor; we've been so many times as fans, but being there on May the 4th and doing the parade was just awesome. We did the Space Spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall (London) and got to stand in squads while they played the Star Wars theme. Lots of highs and a few lows; Attending The Force Awakens premiere at London Leicester Square with about a hundred of my comrades in arms, and getting my new armour branded was a great feeling. We were lucky enough to troop at a couple of troopers wedding this year, and also attended the funeral of two twins who died from cystic fibrosis. But by far the most important and the surprise for me was doing a couple of hospital troops in the children's wards, and bringing the smiles to some very poorly kids. That's got to be the reason we do this Without doubt, what makes trooping in this club so good, is the cameraderie and the friendliness of all who take part. No matter how hot or uncomfortable you are, you know the other troopers are standing there with you, and that we'll get the job done. Looking forward to another year in the Legion. As the UK Garrison founder, Graham Campbell said; "Let's go to work..."
  8. Great work on the holster I think you have the sights on the wrong way round though?
  9. Thanks for the correction, I'm not in the fb group yet, so missed that. Great work everyone
  10. Prototype wording for the blaster; E-11 Blaster (First Order) For 501st approval: Based on a replica Sterling sub-machine gun, scratch-built, 3D-printed or a modified commercial toy Stormtrooper blaster. The magazine and housing are located on the right-hand side of the blaster (opposite to the original Sterling SMG), allowing the blaster to be mounted to the right-thigh of the leg armour. The blaster is black, with the following details white in colour; front muzzle ring, outermost magazine side, pistol grip, folding stock and end cap. The following details are silver in colour; telescopic sights centre bracket and end rings. Pistol (First Order) For 501st approval: Based on a real or replica Glock 19 repeating pistol, scratch-built, 3D-printed or a modified commercial Stormtrooper toy. The pistol can be be mounted to the right-thigh of the leg armour. The pistol is black, with a white covering to the pistol grip and barrel. what do you guys think?
  11. A comparison shot of the pistol; To my mind the top slide could be a bit thicker, and the cone on the front longer. I'm also tempted to drill out a gap in the slide under the sights.
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