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  1. Bucket is from Planit Sith, I think it looks really nice. It came with requested pain style and lenses and foam were already done when I got it. Packed good too no problems, today I get my jumpsuit legs altered and hopefully the armor and chest will come. Still waiting on some small pieces like gloves from wompa wear.
  2. So I got my tie helmet today, tubes and armor are a few days behind. It's from Planet Sith, hope it meets regulations once finished, but I think it looks sweet!!!! Front View Side View. I put my spare S tube on, saw on the certifications it was optional. Me in all my glory!
  3. Started imperial tech and tie-fighter get up, got hat, jumpsuit and boots so far, suit I got from Amizon cosplay store and I'm surprised on how nice suit is!! I have short legs so the need altered a lot in the leg length.
  4. I trimmed the back plate, that looks better now. I think I may have made my thigh armor a bit too tight.<br> So either I need to loose more weight faster or adjust, and by doing so I'm thinking increasing the back abs strip to be bigger. But that would make my armor in accurate. I'm mentally stuck on this problem, any thought would help me a lot, please comment and give me your thoughts.
  5. I need to tie down the shoulder Plastic straps still too...
  6. Snapps finally coming together!! Need to trim some arms I have no mobility, and need to move a shoulder snap back father, its of forward and is pulling on the shoulder strap. Anyone see anything to bad?? Well over than the baggy green shirt.
  7. Were using a Maker Bot 3D printer here with ADS plastic set at a medium resolution. The first pice I printed is the front Top right side, took 2.5 hrs (wow! that was long) but the piece is a lot thicker and stronger than i thought it would be. The nose piece only took 40 minutes Small nose detail printed in a few minutes. and so did the pins to hold the mask. This project may take some time, there were over 12 pieces for the helmet and over 25 for the rest of the armor parts on the biker scout, and I only go to the school 2 or 3 times a month. Maybe I
  8. Im almost done my am armor, I'll watch and share if it can help, good luck!!!
  9. Sorry I haven't posted any progress lately I have a lot done, but my work has slowed me down a bit but I'm so close!!! But today I'm taking the time to explore 3D printing some armor! I have found some Scout armor files all set up for printing, and several new helmets including death trooper and shore trooper. This ma take weeks to print everything but since the printer to I'm using prints in abs plastic I'm hopefull the skills on my current build will help me here. More to come today!!!!
  10. Kitten helping sanding First round sanding kidney plate , bad lighting. looks better in sunlight, but no polish yet.
  11. ABS Paste, no real formula, so I took a handful of ABS strips and cut them into tiny pieces and put them in a glass jar with 2 or 3 teaspoons of Acetone (which I guess is a type of paint thinner). Waited about hour and mixed a little. Came out nice and white still, some chunks but I work through that… here are my shims on kidney plates not sanded yet, want the plastic to dry good. Thanks CTID for the help! I cut to manny teeth out in the beginning so now the paste has it's second job. Holster went together nice and easy, but I noticed how much weight the Blaster is
  12. Woo, been a long summer, but with the pass of the pro football hall of fame game fall is here!!! Well soon. And I've added a lot of snaps and cuts to berthed summer (told yea this would've a long build). But I finally ordered the last of my supplies! Within about 2 to 3 days I got my latest TrooperBay order, new world record for the post office California to Ohio, I was surprised to say the least! Neck seal, white rubber hand guards, and a few conector type parts blue paint holster and head sock, I'm so happy all that's left is attaching the large parts and I'll be ready to troop this October!
  13. Here are my shims on the Kidney plate, Seems like I'll need to trim them down some, but at least there on now. Do you think this will hold or do you think I should make an overlap on the inside? Made 14 snaps, only messed up 2 of them, not a bad margin of error so far. Only enough claps to glue on 2 snaps at a time… Mean-while, trooper cat Boo isn't happy to give up the chair so I can load my entry into the forums, don't worry he's not hissing, just yeowning, I bore him.
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