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  1. Really interesting post. I recently bought a new 2020 ATA helmet kit to match my full ATA kit from 2017. (The idea being to have both an ESB and ANH version of my TK). Built the new helmet kit ... very happy with it, love the quality and thickness of the ATA gear. But! After patting myself on the back and putting the new helmet next to the older kit. The ABS is clearly a different stock and the shade is different. 2017 plastic has a hint of cream / egg shell to it, and the newer stock is a clean ‘appliance’ kind of white. I really don’t want to paint either kit, so yeah got a new display helmet I guess. Maybe the newer helmet might ‘antique’ with exposure to sunlight or something. Anyway, I guess my point is it’s hard to get a great match even with the same maker.
  2. The ATA stuff is pretty hard to beat in terms of quality and durability. I love it. Good luck with the sandy build.
  3. Hey do you have any ideas to how I can get one of these kits? I'm new to this website.

  4. I first got my numbers in an ROTJ suit that came together in Frankenstein fashion over a couple of years but always wanted the look of a Bespin deployed TK. Finally got around to ordering some ATA armour and assembling it over the last couple of months. Love this kit, solid 2mm ABS, funky OT asymmetry and even the cream white finish of the plastic is tasty. I’m preaching probably to the converted here but for price versus accuracy versus sturdiness this kit is a pretty happy compromise [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  5. So ironic that fans here can complain about the films and costumes that inspired these forums in the first place... The variations and design tweaks are interesting on the TKs. Noticed too that the shoulder straps feed back in through the back plates that have recesses a little like fett 's harness rig.
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