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  1. Beautiful Bucket man! The layers you did we're outstanding.
  2. Your battle damage is fantastic. After I do a regular TK this is my planned third project for Halloween. keep it up man?
  3. I have a seamstress that could make a potty flap in front for me:) Thanks for the tip about the gloves too. All info is greatly helpful!
  4. animattor78


    I loved the first two games. This game will never leave my PS4 once it comes out. Maybe they will have a demo at celebration VII!!!!
  5. "When I first made the decision to build a TK, my wife thought I was crazy. When I took her to her first event, and she saw the way that people reacted, she said to me "Now I get it. I get why you are doing this." She goes to nearly every event as my handler". My wife though I was a goof at first too. She watched as I spent months building Fett and getting ready for the con. A month out she decided she wanted to dress as Liea from ANH. We put together her costume and she rocked it. she LOVED dressing up and doing the troop with me. Having the love and support of a spouse can really add a ton of joy to this hobby. She even ordered a Star Wars shirt to wear as my handler. We even have our 4 year old into it and it has become a family affair.
  6. My first troop was the amazing Las Vegas Comic con two weeks ago. I am not totally official yet and just waiting on final approval. But I have been meeting with the local garrison and learning all the ropes. The Con was a blast. As soon as we hit the floor people swarmed us for pics. It was the most fun I have ever had at a con. My second troop will be marching in the 4th of July parade on Friday. I am super pumped. I watched 501st guys for years and finally jumped in and said lets do this. I can say it has been a real joy to live out some of my childhood dreams. The looks on kids' faces too makes it all worth it. Matt
  7. Hey all, I am 6 ft 210lbs and am getting back on the wagon today. I ran/walked 2.3 miles. My goal is to be under 200lbs by summers end. Starting today I am cutting sweets, fatty foods, and starchy foods. I am switching to a diet of lean hormone free chicken,beef, and shrimp and fruits and veggies. I hope to be @ 180 by years end. I don't have a tk set but do have a Fett and the last thing I want is to be Boba Fat.
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/251344956854 this is the suit.
  9. I found a morph suit online that had gloves built in as well as an open face head. The suit is solid black with no seems. Could this work for my under suit?
  10. Thanks man,I have a good amount of experience under my belt thus far. I built a ROTJ Fett but am a total noob at TKs.
  11. Great thread, where did you get the boots to start with?
  12. This build is fantastic! You answered so many questions I had about the conversion. I did a Fett conversion which really just required a lot of cosmetic paint for my son. I wanted to do a hasbro blaster as the first step of a TK build. I had a ton of newb questions and your thread answered many of them! Thanks for posting this! I assume this blaster passes basic 501st requirements? Thanks Matt
  13. Thanks for posting this. I will be doing a similar process once I get my blaster and doopy kit. I loved your stand idea. I need a way to display the Fett Rifle I built.
  14. Would a black morph suit be ok, I found one on-line that had the face already open and even had the gloves built in. The only down side is no opening for potty needs.
  15. Learning more about my TK project

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