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  1. Hey welcome to the FISD!! Keep it high bro! Congrats for the AP and good luck with the job!
  2. WOW!! Awesome, really awesome... I think i fall in love with that custom case...
  3. Requesting 501st status! http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=16243 Best regards!
  4. Open the blast doors!

  5. Thank you all for replies! Hey Rich! I'm an addicted follower of your GREAT posts! You are an inspiration for all Troopers! Un abrazo brother!
  6. Just introducing me to my brothers and sisters all over the world. My name is Jesús, I'm from a small village called Crendes who is located in Galicia, a site from Spain. I'm member of 501st Spanish Garrison (TK-21191) owner of an SDS armor with a RS helmet. Now i'm trying to improve the armor.... Bit by bit. Sorry for my bad english but... It was time to introduce myself here and send to all of you my best wishes!! For all my brothers and sisters... HONOR, DUTY, EMPIRE!!!
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